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    VEGA 10 dedicate more ram

    hi, i recently bought a acer aspire A315-41 with a ryzen 2700u and a VEGA 10 integrated GPU. it has dual 4gb ram 2400 modules. by default 1gb is dedicated to the GPU but i wanna change it. There is no option in the bios to change it and it doesnt work with a tutorial i followed in regedit...
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    Power Supply Cycles every 15-16 seconds

    I'm building a new kit. It would not boot and the power supply would cycle every 15-16 seconds. I pulled everything out except the case, front panel wiring, power supply, mother board and case fan. The symptom is that every 15-16 seconds the PSU clicks, the front power LED goes dark and then...
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    [SOLVED] Connceted a RGB remote control i bought for aliexpress and the cable got burned.

    Hey. I bought RGB fan's and remote controll from aliexpress called "Aigo" which suppose to be a good company compare to a cheap price, but the moment i connected the remote control to the PSU and turned my computer on the cable (from the remote control to the psu) got burned and there were alot...
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    All PC Games randomly crashing on new build.

    I built the PC around Christmas, and so far every single game I've played(~15 different titles) are randomly crashing, except for league of legends. Specifications are: CPU: AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2950x GPU: NVIDIA RTX 2080 RAM: G.Skill DDR4 Flare-X 4x8GB 3200MHz Mobo: ASRock X399 Taichi 144hz...
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    [SOLVED] I need help upgrading my pc

    Hi I have a gtx 1050 ti with a i5 7400 i would like to upgrade my pc to a i7 7700k with a gtx 1060 and a custom cooler for my cpu. I was just wondering is that all I need? My motherboard is a Asus Prime a320-m k micro atx s so basically what I am saying is do I need to get anything else to...
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    i7-8700k or Ryzen 7 2700x for Streaming & Gaming

    I'm looking to build a new PC within the next week or so. I stream a lot, and play a lot of video games including BO4, Battlefield V, Fortnite, and a lot of others. I am stuck though between getting an Intel Core i7-8700k w/ a GTX 1060 6GB, or get a Ryzen 7 2700X w/ a GTX 1070 for like $20-$30...
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    [SOLVED] Need help: MSI B250M PRO VD + Cooler Master Stormtrooper

    Hi! I've been buying used parts for a budget gaming build, and I have (at least) a problem at the moment. My motherboard (MSI B250M PRO VD, micro atx) has only a sys header and a cpu header for the fans, and the case I bought (stormtrooper) has two intake fans on the front and a bigger fan on...
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    No Wifi after power supply upgrade

    Hi, My computer was shutting down alone while playing so I thought that the power supply was too low for my graphic card. I bought a new one, installed it, I boot my computer and surprise, the Wi-fi and Bluetooth are not working anymore. I've the message "Could not connect to this network"...
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    [SOLVED] Temperature difference between CAM and ASUS bios

    CAM software shows CPU temperature 10 degrees hotter than Asus bios
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    Question i5 1st gen to i5 4th gen....

    Can I upgrade my PC processor i5 1st gen to i5 4th gen.....i have HP Z200 model and processor is i5-650......can I upgrade it to 4th generation is this possible........
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    [SOLVED] Best bang for the buck CPU, Mobo, Memory?

    I’m looking for a good mobo cpu memory combo for the money I’m in the U.S Cali I will only game at 1440144hz/4K60hz it will go in: Corsair 460x Case with 6 fans Corsair AX860 PSU Corsair H100iv2 x2 Samsung 850Evo 500GB RTX 2080
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    Any new CPUs coming out soon?

    Are there any new CPUs announced?
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    MSI afterburner question.. never used

    When I downloaded it said next that Riva statistics server is now available for download. When I click the link, it takes me to a drivers update page..... Im not a fan of drivers update pages because of scams.... Is that the only way to get afterburner to show framerates?
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    More fps in csgo wanted upgrade suggestions

    More%20Fps%20wanted%20in%20CSGO%20%0D%0ACPU%207700k%20%40%205.0%20GHz%20%0D%0AGpu%20just%20upgraded%20from%201060%20to%201070%0D%0AMobo%20Z170-p%0D%0ARam%2032gb%20kingston%20ddr5%strippedEmail%0D%0AHdd%20m.2%20250%20GB%20kingston%202%20x%20ssd%20400gb%20kingston%20 Hit me with sine upgrades...
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    Just bought a Blue Snowball Ice and need some help.

    So i just bought the blue snowball ice and it isn't picking up anything at all. I unboxed it, plugged it in and the red light is showing, but it won't work. I have it set as the primary microphone and drivers are all up to date but it just won't work.
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    [SOLVED] Looking for tips for a gaming/editing setup

    Hello everybody I am looking to buy a gaming setup that should last me a good couple years My color scheme that I’m looking for is white and purple I am looking for a complete setup including peripherals and everything I have a budget of about $30,000. I know it’s a lot of money but I’ve been...
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    [SOLVED] i9 9900k help

    I installed the 9900k in my pc and im not really knowledgeable about overclocking and what not but of course i tried to check my temps on this cpu and it was idling in the 30's and when i ran cinebench it jumped to the 70s and it went into the low 80s. Im using the nzxt kraken x62 liquid aio but...
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    Unable to reset Toshiba Satellite

    when I boot it says reboot and select proper boot device. Or insert boot media...etc. I am able to get to bios menu. But unable to access Toshiba recovery software or HDD reset menu or any windows safe mode? Maybe HDD is failing? Any help? I was hoping the recovery option would reset back to...
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    Will my motherboard support this?

    I have the B150M-D3H motherboard and i want to know if it will support the Gefore GTX 1060 6GB founders edition
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    Crash Dump Eror

    Hii all PRODUCT_NAME_UNKNOWN_CrashDumpPRODUCT_VERSION_MAJOR_UNKNOWN-PRODUCT_VERSION_MINOR_UNKNOWN-2018-11-11--12-36-49_ dmp 1 week I get the error. I'm using an M2 SSD. Although I've done a clean installation of Windows, I keep getting this error. All components have up-to-date drivers...