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    [SOLVED] Best place for router.

    I am just wondering which option is best for my router. I have fiber optic running into my modem in my basement utility room. About 1 foot away from that I have an Ethernet hub connecting the entire house through Ethernet. Since it’s in the utility room there are electrical panels and wiring...
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    USB hub blown other USB ports on my pc, is it safe to use?

    I've just had a ten year old powered USB hub blow all but two USB ports on my 6 year old Dell XPS. Thankfully, the only devices it fried was three mice when testing for the problem. However, I'm left with a machine with several USB ports on the motherboard not working and I have far more...
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    Asus laptop unexpected error

    I'm getting status: 0xc00000e9 And info: An unexpected I/O error has occurred So, because of these messages it won't boot up... What to do?
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    is there a gba emulator for pc please tell me

    please l need to know if there is a game boy emulator for my windows 7 windows Vista computer it would be very nice please
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    failed to retrieve source disk information during cloning

    Hello, I purchased an SSD 850 EVO 250 GB and I try to migrate my data from a DELL laptop with Windows 8.1. During the process an error comes up and stops the process of the cloning.. "failed to retrieve source disk information. 201109[031195]" what can I do?
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    Msi Gtx 960 2Gd5t oc vs Asus Strix Gtx 960

    Hello guys Help me to choose between Msi Gtx 960 2Gd5t oc ochttp://www.msi.com/product/vga/GTX-960-2GD5T-OC.html#hero-overview And Asus Strix gtx 960 https://www.asus.com/in/Graphics_Cards/STRIXGTX960DC2OC2GD5/ Thanks
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    Question about UBUNTU on partition! PLEASE HELP!

    Hey guys! I have a question and need your help with this! I want to install Ubuntu on my MacBook Pro without getting rid of the OS X. My MB Pro has 4GB of RAM and I want 4GB of RAM on Ubuntu as well, will I be able to do so, as a partition obviously, without affecting the RAM for my OS X? I...