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  1. D

    Question System freezes up after BIOS screen ?

    I've been having problems with my pc freezing right after bios when the Windows logo pops up then the screen goes black. nothing is responsive including the reset button and the power button do nothing when it happens. only want to restart the pc is by the power supply switch. could this be a...
  2. J

    [SOLVED] System freezing and locking up

    I require some assistance in trouble shooting a frustrating issue with my brothers system, which has been working flawlessly since he built it in 2019. Windows recently started random locks-up/hangs where it requires him to manually power it down. It allows him to move the mouse and click apps...
  3. eddyzh

    Question GPU temperature can't surpass 70 degrees

    Hi guys, it's been 3 days trying to solve this problem, i have an RTX2080Ti and when i play games the Gpu can't surpass 70 degrees in games, but it runs at 100% and the fans are at 100% and very loud like 3000 RPM when i see in the task manager and in HWmonitor, i've tried a lot of things like...
  4. P

    [SOLVED] Low Hz and Resolution on Boot Up

    This problem started a few months ago. My GPU is an RTX 2080 XC ULTRA, and my monitor is a BenQ XL2420TE (1080p, 144hz). A few months ago, my computer crashed, where the monitor turned off, but it sounded like the audio was still going (through the headphones), and it wouldn’t respond to me...
  5. J

    Question RX 470 does not work with Intel systems?

    Hello friends I’m new here and I have a REALLY confusing hardware problem, so this is a gonna a bit long. tl;dr, I think my RX 470 is locked to Ryzen systems and will not work with Intel systems. Context: From the Philippines. I bought my girlfriend an RX 470 that she could use in her new...
  6. pyte

    [SOLVED] i5-6500 locked at 3200MHz

    My processor i5-6500 is locked at 3.2GHz, however ir should go up to 3.6GHz, which is Turbo Mode! The motherboard is: ASUS H110 M32CD_A_F_K20CD_K31CD I don't understand why does not go up! Benchmark is garbage!
  7. C

    [SOLVED] Odd issue where my Dell Precision M6700 Laptop locks up and freezes all Ethernet wired devices in my home (but wireless still works)

    So I, like many others, have multiple hardwired and wireless devices connected to my home Xfinity system (using their modem/router combo). I don't think the issue is with the router and here's why... I have 2 desktop PC's hardwired to the modem. I also have an IP phone system hardwired. I...
  8. Lefteris Fousteris

    [SOLVED] Increasing ring ratio on locked CPU Intel Core i5 4690 (non K) H97 chipset

    Hello, I have an i5 4690 non K 4 core 4 thread CPU on a MSI H97 Gaming 3 Motherboard (with most recent bios m-flashed successfully) I've had this question for a long time so i'll cut to the chase. FYI: I am running this with a MSI GTX 980 Gaming 4G Ive had some obvious bottleneck issues on...
  9. V

    Question ADATA XPG gammix s11 pro PCIe M2 SSD locked with password

    hi, my Adata XPG Gammix s11 pro PCIe M2 SSD seems to be locked with a password. During bootup, Asrock motherboard UEFI keeps asking for HDD user password. I never set up any HDD password. So how did it got locked? It will ask for the HDD user password. After some tryout, it will ask...
  10. G

    Question Samsung Note 8 from Sprint Locked Screen (NO Google/Samsung account, stock software)

    A customer of mine has a Samsung Note 8 from Sprint that has a screen lock. Apparently, the customer has never had a password or security of any type (fingerprint, pattern, etc) on the device, and they have no idea how it got on there. I had them call Samsung/Google/etc to try and resolve the...
  11. V

    Question Cant backup C drive Volume is locked by another application

    Hello, iv tried various programs to try and backup my c drive but i keep getting similar errors saying volume is locked or being used by another application. I've tried running backups in safe mode as well as closing all background tasks i can but still get this error. checked the drive and no...
  12. M

    Question Alt key toggle?

    Hello good people! I want to start out by giving you some info on my system: Laptop: System Manufacturer: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. System Model: X550LD System Type: x64-based PC BIOS Version: American Megatrends Inc. X550LD.306, 5/14/2014 [Might come in handy] OS Name: Microsoft Windows 10...
  13. S

    [SOLVED] 3.50 gHz cpu locked at .80 gHz

    I am having some issues with my cpu, granted its a bit old but should still be able to play most games without too much issue. current setup Mobo: Asus ROG Maximus VII Hero GPU: Strix GeForce 970 gtx 4gb CPU: Intel i5 4690k quad core 16 gb of ram To be fair, im not sure if this is really a valid...
  14. OnyxProto

    Question Brand new RX580 at 30fps HELP

    I’ve just completed a build with a brand new 2019 Mobo with a i5 8400 CPU and a Saphire RX580 8GB. Once I’d completed the build everything worked fine, I played a game or two to test it out and it ran perfectly, getting over 100 FPS. But a hour or so later and now I’m getting locked 30fps on...
  15. 6

    Asus MB, takes a long time before showing the "Loading Asus Express Gate" message

    Hello, recently I've noticed that my computer takes around 15s or more, before showing the "Loading Asus Express Gate", beeping and starting to do all the BIOS loading. I've disabled the Asus Logo, but there's nothing to see. The screen remains black before the "Loading Asus Express Gate"...
  16. K

    Slow performance issue

    I have core CORE I5 AND 6GB RAM but very slow in gaming performance slower than the 2gb ram..
  17. D

    Help! cant find video card on pc part picker

    https://pcpartpicker.com/list/VzQZYr thats my build and i was wondering if this particular card would work in it/is a good card to get I cannot find it on pc part picker and I'm having a lot of trouble finding a decent gtx 1060 6gb in stock for a decent price but i found this evga 1060 6gb on...
  18. P

    No signal when booting, all fans and LEDS work fine.

    Hold power button, everything runs fine (all fans and lights), no signal. I've checked all the connections and they're fine. Dead GPU? I heard someone say dead CPU and my heart stopped, but I'm sure it's not as my pc can just run forever fine, just has no display (from what I've seen a dead CPU...
  19. P

    Do i need thundermaster on my palit gtx 1050 stormx 2gb?

    Do i need thundermaster on my palit gtx 1050 stormx 2gb? Or should i remove it?
  20. P

    i5-4690k Overheating on insane amounts

    Hello, So I fully cleaned my computer recently and had to remove and replace everything, after this at first I didn't notice but now I made some checks on it and my cpu temperature keeps staying 79-85 during normal loads and 65-70 while idle, it even went up to 95 under heavy loads, the cpu fan...
  21. M

    SD Card format for Android

    I have an ASUS ZenFone 5.I have a 32 GB Samsung Class 10 EVO SD Card.I have to format the SD Card due to some reason.I wanted to know in which format should I format the card,exFAT or NTFS?I watch movies having sizes greater than 4 gb,so FAT32 isn't an option for me.Also I will be installing...
  22. A

    Connect to multiple proxy networks

    I have a windows 8.1 laptop. I work at a radio station where the network has a firewall and proxy. At home I just have a normal network setup. Unfortunately I use the same laptop for both so I am constantly having to re-enter and remove the proxy settings. Is there a simpler way to connect to...
  23. U

    laptop not charging

    I've had a problem for quite a while now, just recently I pulled out my charger quite rigorously and now my computer (alienware 17) won't charge. Is this a software problem or hardware, I tried this http://forums.cnet.com/7723-19681_102-345945/plugged-in-not-charging/ but no luck. Will factory...
  24. JBDelta

    What kind of FPS can I expect in Skyrim and Heroes and Generals with an i5-4460 and R9 285?

    Hello Techies, I am deciding on purchasing an i5 4460 for around $185 and an R9 285 at $209.99 with a $20 rebate card. Will that get me a max FPS of 60 on games like Skyrim and Battlefield 3 and 4? Or not. (Note: I will mainly be playing and streaming F2P games like Heroes and Generals and...
  25. L

    Budget Build PSU Choice (Possible Crossfire?)

    I am starting to purchase parts this weekend for my first budget build and would like some advice. The goal for this build is to put together something that should last me some time with some upgrades in the future. This is my wishlist thus far: CPU: Intel Core i5-4690K 3.5GHz Quad-Core...
  26. U

    Need a water cooler to overclock AMD FX-6300

    I want to overclock my AMD FX-6300 so it doesn't bottleneck my Nvidia gtx 970. Which water cooler do you recommend and how much will it overclock the 6300 to? Some coolers I have seen...
  27. I

    About Lenovo U330 2014

    Hello, First sorry for the pure english. Now, im a student and I want to buy a laptop- something strong, high quality, SSD, 13-14" LCD and i cant spend alot of money. After searching i found the Lenovo IdeaPad U330, with: I7-4500U 8GB 500GB\16SSD 13.3" Intel HD 4400 And this resolution-...