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  1. D

    Question windows locks up my PC when trying to boot up.

    I've been having problems with my pc freezing right after bios when the Windows logo pops up then the screen goes black. nothing is responsive including the reset button and the power button do nothing when it happens. only want to restart the pc is by the power supply switch. could this be a...
  2. J

    [SOLVED] System freezing and locking up

    I require some assistance in trouble shooting a frustrating issue with my brothers system, which has been working flawlessly since he built it in 2019. Windows recently started random locks-up/hangs where it requires him to manually power it down. It allows him to move the mouse and click apps...
  3. S

    [SOLVED] My PC has started lagging and stuttering for no apparent reason. Any ideas?

    Right, so, I've started noticing that recently my computer has been pretty laggy and stuttery for no apparent reason. While sitting on the desktop, I'll try to move my mouse, and the whole thing will freeze up for a moment, before finally responding. Sometimes it'll freeze up a couple times in a...
  4. C

    Question Computer locking up completely after some use

    My two-month old computer has started locking up completely while playing games like Rainbow Six Siege for about 15 minutes, to the point where I have to force restart the computer. I have tried reinstalling all my drivers, my temps while gaming look alright at around 60-ish degrees, and...
  5. M

    Question PC completely locks up while gaming

    Hey guys, so I've been having some issues with my PC completely locking up while gaming. It will usually lock up after about 1-2 hours of gaming and when it does lock up I have hold down the power button. After I power it back on almost every time I get prompted with a screen that says windows...
  6. foxfries

    Question Consistent, random freezing problem

    Hey there and thanks for reading my post. A couple of weeks ago i got a new pc from a guy that was saving up to get a new one, the components looked okay for the price and my pc was dying so i was looking for a replacement in kind of a hurry. When i installed Windows10 on the pc it froze...
  7. MarioRud

    Is one of my drives faulty?

    Parts list: Intel i5 6600k Asus z170 Pro Gaming Motherboard EVGA Supernova G2 550W Kingston HyperX Fury 16Gb DDR4 RAM Kingston 120GB SSD Western Digital 1tb HDD be quiet! Dark Rock 3 Cooler MSI GTX 1060 Gaming 6GB My PC worked fine for about 3 weeks until one day it froze and when I tried...
  8. S

    Logitech c920 usb error..

    Hi All, I purchased a logitech c920 and it's been working fine for a few months but just recently I've had issues with it. Everytime I shut my computer down and back on and log in it shows up as usb not recognized or error with it. If I remove it and replug it in it works fine, but only on...
  9. E

    Is it worth buying the i5 6600/k?

    Hi, i'm wondering weather it is worth buying the i5 6600/k or go with it older brother the i5 4960k? and also if i did what components to use for it (processor, ATX motherboard (which will fit a zalman z11 case) and ram) ? The computer i'm using at the moment is an fx 6300 processor with a...
  10. L

    i5-6600 vs i5-6600k overclocking

    Hello Tom's, I am stuck with the choice between 6600 and 6600k. Since almost all manufacturers released their modded bios to support bclk oc for non-k edition. I am building a new fully watercooled skylake system with Asus z170 M8I and g.skill ripjawz V ram. Should I pick a 6600 and try out...
  11. C

    Newegg GPU return

    Has anybody returned a GPU just because they didn't want it anymore? Is this possible with Newegg like it is with Amazon? I wanna order a 980 ti, but don't wanna use amanzon like I usually do because they charge taxes unlike Newegg!
  12. K

    Mini DP with sound?

    So I bought a Radeon 6990 which has 1 DVI and 4 Mini DP, I have a Mini DP to HDMI lead and I have the latest catalyst driver and everything displays perfectly, but for some unknown reason I can't get any sound what so ever, I've tried restarting but nothing seems to work, I've gone into the...
  13. I

    I need help with my new pc

    Hello, i want to know if there is any bottleneck between this components. And is a heatsick really necessary for my cpu? HDD: Western Digital Blue 1TB RAM: G.SKILL Sniper 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3 1600MHZ VIdeo card: SAPPHIRE Radeon R9 280 3GB DUAL-X Motherboard: ASUS H97M-E Cpu: Intel Core i5 4590...
  14. L

    Why does my laptop keep doing this when I have games open?

    So twice now I have went to tab out of a game and it just showed a black screen, I had to turn it off via the power button. And just now, I went to launch the game Bully and I just got a black screen and nothing came up. The first time I can't remember what game it was, possibly Assassin's Creed...