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  1. chad2625

    Question Remove Login faliure lock out?

    I am pretty sure this is a core feature of WIndows.... But my son is Bipolar and ADHD. Some times he gets mind rushed, and forgets his pin, and locks out his computer. This is particularly no big deal, but when he gets like this it trigers him. My Partner or my self have to come log in him and...
  2. C

    My graphics card is dying

    I have no idea why my GPU is 750000rpm in MSI after burner, I have no idea why it is -1 RPM in GPU-Z. If RPM means speed, what does fan speed mean than, is it relevant? My fans speeds are 25-35, my GPU temps are 40-60c, and 40 in idle, but then I have a very speedy loud fan noise coming from my...
  3. T

    What should my Intel 3770k Core Temps be?

    http://imgur.com/oyM2FtX Im getting about 45c on Idle, is this high? If it is would replacing thermal paste be a good place to start? them maybe a new cooler? it has stock cooler but I do not overclock