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    Question Cannot login to Comtrend VR-3060 online gateway

    Hello everyone. I recently received a Comtrend VR-3060 router from my ISP because my old one stopped working. However, when I try to login to the online gateway so I can forward some ports for my 2 game servers that I have running, I simply can't. I have tried the default username and password...
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    Question Need an actual tech-god to help me solve this issue

    This is the weirdest problem i have ever encountered... NO tech-supporters from neither Origin or Windows have been able to help.. Even their so-called expert team that my case was escalated to... I cannot log into www.origin.com anymore.. Since 2 days ago.. My PW is correct and it works fine...
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    Question Ubuntu 18.04 Boot not reaching the login screen

    Hi I built a new Ubuntu only machine and it was working fine for two weeks and today when I tried to boot, the pc boots to the purple ubuntu screen , flashes a black screen with lot of disk activity screen and stuck at a black screen I couldn't do any further Looking for some directions to solve...