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  1. MaxT2

    Question How do I stop automatic login to a website?

    In Windows 10. Recently, my ISP's customer support pushed me to test something in Microsoft Edge. They said that some feature on their website could not work if I didn't use Edge or Chrome and if I did not accept ALL cookies including commercial cookies (which I'm not quite sure is legal since...
  2. ace2b

    Question Windows Login Reminder

    This popup called "windows login reminder" keeps coming up and I want to know how to get rid of it. I have watched some videos but they don't look promising on how to put "password never expires". Could anyone help me "fix" this?
  3. S

    [SOLVED] Is there any easy way for someone to log into my PC when they don't know my PIN password?

    I remember a long time ago my sister was able to get into my Windows 7 laptop without my password, but I have no idea how she did it. Is there any simple way that someone could log into your PC through a reset method, or even using a USB? What's the most likely methods? I faintly remember she...
  4. bimbawzsvk

    [SOLVED] Win 10 typing results in invisible characters, cant login or recover

    Hi, I turned on my PC today and I cant login, only thing that happens is when I type it makes invisible characters. I tried to get into recovery mode, but it requires me to type in my password which I'm not able to do as typing only prompts invisible characters. What can I do to fix this please...
  5. Xhomia

    [SOLVED] Tech Support: Computer not responding to the keyboard/mouse at login screen/screen saver

    Hello everyone, I have recently come into a weird problem with my computer. Normally, if I were to put my computer to sleep I could easily wake it up by either turning on my wireless keyboard or mouse, hitting a key on my keyboard, or clicking on my mouse. It then wakes up to a screen saver...
  6. N

    [SOLVED] msconfig insanity please help

    I was trying to diagnose a minor but persistently annoying bug my system has, and as a result i disabled services individually to see which caused the issue. When i disabled the store related services i thought nothing of it, since the description just said that the store apps might not work...
  7. bobbyboi

    [SOLVED] After booting, it says I need to change my password? However, I never set a password in the first place.

    So like the title says, I've basically been booting from my SSD for the past month with no issues. However, when I powered on my PC this morning it brought up a loading menu saying something along the lines of, "Repairing C:", etc. I thought it had to do with updating Windows and thought nothing...
  8. chad2625

    [SOLVED] Remove Login faliure lock out?

    I am pretty sure this is a core feature of WIndows.... But my son is Bipolar and ADHD. Some times he gets mind rushed, and forgets his pin, and locks out his computer. This is particularly no big deal, but when he gets like this it trigers him. My Partner or my self have to come log in him and...
  9. kingston97bg

    [SOLVED] remove password, netplwiz doesnt work anymore on new version?

    Hello. Simply question how can i remove my startup password for login into my PC without netplwiz Reason > picture > https://prikachi.net/image/dPj5M
  10. Bitu

    [SOLVED] I don't see a switch user option on my Windows 10 account and can't login. How do I get back access?

    I had given my laptop for repair in February before the COVID pandemic caused a global shutdown and recently got it back. My laptop apparently has an existing user account (probably someone from the shop). I cannot try this...
  11. TVic97

    [SOLVED] Computer won't recognize keyboard and mouse at login

    Hi, Not the first person to ever ask this but my computer will not recognize my keyboard and mouse at login. I am using a ssd that already has windows 7 from my previous build. I upgraded my cpu and motherboard and on the first boot up they were recognized in BIOS but once windows starts they...
  12. M

    [SOLVED] web mail login issues

    everytime i try to login to my yahoo e-mail the curser automatically shifts over as if i hit the tab button which i didn't. i am using on outdated version of firefox could that be the issue? i don't have that issue when i am loging in to any other webstie
  13. B

    [SOLVED] Visual studio Can't login HELP

    hi so i reinstalled visual studio community and worked for a bit but than i remembered that i have to log in so i tried but it said " we could not refresh the credentials for the account the format of value ' () (Obsolete data d - do not use) is invalid " my evaluation period has...
  14. A

    Question Importing Chrome passwords to new PC from Dead PC

    I have built a PC for my step-fathers business since his old PC's Motherboard went. I have access to the files on the old PC's HDD through the new PC. I have been at this for hours now and TomsHardware never lets me down. The problem is somehow he doesnt know his email or passwords to what...
  15. A

    [SOLVED] PC Not Booting Correctly

    So I've recently built a new PC in which I have used an old SSD from my previous build. I haven't installed a fresh version of windows 10 but just used what is already on the SSD. whenever I turn on my PC it always gets past the motherboard splash screen and on some occasions to the windows 10...
  16. Nathan2

    [SOLVED] Router Problems

    So, I have a router with a Fibre connection. I want to access the IPV4 just to look at the configuration and check some stuff such as connections etc., and maybe port forward some stuff.... When I go to my IPV4, and when I enter the default password (which is also listed on the back of the...
  17. R

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 PIN Setup, Cannot Log In - Can Log In Via Microsoft Account

    I recently got my laptop back after having the motherboard replaced. It is running Windows 10 Pro 64-bit. When I went to log in, it says that the PIN needs to be set up again. I then click "Set Up PIN" and it asks me to log in using my username and password. Now, I know my password for my...
  18. M

    Question I have new monitor and PC. After turning PC on I have to restart monitor to make it show Windows login screen. What might be an issue?

    I did some checks in monitor's options but have found nothing which would address this issue. Do I have to change something in BIOS? The monitor is connected with HDMI of Graphic's Card. Other GPU's ports available are display ports, however the monitor does not have one. Would be really...
  19. M

    Question Ubuntu 18.04 Boot not reaching the login screen

    Hi I built a new Ubuntu only machine and it was working fine for two weeks and today when I tried to boot, the pc boots to the purple ubuntu screen , flashes a black screen with lot of disk activity screen and stuck at a black screen I couldn't do any further Looking for some directions to solve...

    Question Infinite boot loop but no repair option

    Hey, TH community. I have a tricky situation that I hope someone might be able to help me with. I have an Asus g73jh laptop with an i7 processor and a Radeon 5680 gpu. It has Windows 10 on it and it's used for light gaming, work and school. I'll give a quick run down of what's happened. I used...
  21. J

    Question Windows 10 Steam UI Build

    I am creating a gaming build for my father for father's day. He would like to use the system like a console where he would only need to use a controller to access his steam user account (different from admin). I'm wondering if there is a way to create a custom way to login to Windows 10 with an...
  22. P

    Question It's Jammed!

    I downloaded a few ISOs from archive.org to install on my XP VMWare virtual machine because I really wanted to listen to the MIDIs on VGMusic that were made for XG actually in XG. You have heard about the elephant in the room, didn't you? (Sorry if the images are messed up, but they...
  23. S

    Question Checkerboard on Login in [Picture inside]

    which looks like this,Checkerboard Artifacts. This PC im using is New about 2weeks, all parts are new except the GPU which is an Sapphire Nitro+ RX480, This GPU was used in 2 Previous builds and worked flawlessly! here are the specs of the PC. PC PartPicker * Keep in mind this error happens...
  24. D

    Question Does anyone know how to copy a full https:// website?

    Hi everyone. Does anyone know how to copy an https:// website AND/OR a website that requires you to login for which you already have login credentials (i.e. username and password)? I've been able to successfully copy a full website before using the program HTTrack Website Copier, but I don't...
  25. CatalystGamez

    Question Computer just shut off, no signs of power input

    Hello, This just happened a few minutes ago. I was on my computer, casually using it, when it just shut off. There were no lights on inside the case, so I knew that it must have been a power related issue. I change where it was plugged into, nothing. Dusted it with the Compu Cleaner, nothing...
  26. R

    [SOLVED] MOBO & CPU upgrade

    Hello all. Long time listener, first time caller and all that. I recently picked up a cheap second-hand pair of 8GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 sticks, however my motherboard only supports up to 4GB a slot so I'm using this as an excuse for a system overhaul. This is primarily for gaming and my...
  27. I

    Question Backup: Planning for Disaster (please review and comment)

    Good Morning, All, I am a mostly retired Grumpy Old Fart and have been quite unlucky <?> over the last nine months: I have had three<!> 250 GB SSDs fail. One as a result of a leaking AIO, one as a result of a failing PSU, and one for reasons unknown and unspecified. I had clumsy and...
  28. C

    Question Cloning a Raid 1 Drive

    Hi, I have build a PC 4 years ago and I have a Raid1 Drive with 2 x WD 500GB hard drives, wich I use for software storage (where I install all my software), and it is kind of slow for some photo/video edition or 3d modeling. So I would like to add a Pcie Nvme M.2 card and create a new Raid1...
  29. D

    [SOLVED] SSD userbenchmark poor, any fixes?

    Been recently "buffing" my desktop, few new parts and all that on a tight budget due to personal reasons. I've managed to improve the benchmark from quite poor all around (from below 30th percentile in many cases) to reasonable in most places, however no matter what I do, my ssd always returns...
  30. Jason433

    [SOLVED] Is this sound normal need help

    https://streamable.com/3tabg Listen very close it’s like a buzzing electric sound CPU - r5 2600 Mobo- b450d asus .org Gpu- rtx 2060 Ram8gb lpx Corsair Psu550 w evga
  31. C

    Question No display

    Hello, I have a big problem with my new pc build. After I put my build together pc start but no display at monitor, I been asking as rock for advise and they told me I need 8th gen Intel cpu to update my BIOS so I did but still no display. I have: Asrock b360 pro4 Intel i5 9400f and Intel...
  32. S

    Question RGB turns on but the fans don't spin

    When I boot my pc everything turns on except the case fans. The rgb on the fans turns on too but they don't spin. The fans are connected to a fan controller build in to the case (I have the sharkoon tg4). The fan controller gets its power from a data cable connected to my 620w psu. According to...
  33. kui_blader

    [SOLVED] What happens if you go above the GPU max resolution?

    I've got 3 1920x1080 monitors and 1 3860x2160 monitor plugged in right now and have been worried about the max resolution stated in the specs of my gtx1060. What happens when you go above it? So far I've only noticed the 4k monitor occasionally going black for a second but I'm not sure if it's...
  34. T

    [SOLVED] Why is my M.2 drive being recognized as an SSD?

    I have recently bought and installed a HP EX900 250gb Storage M.2 and have installed it to my Motherboard (Gigabtye b450m ds3h), but when i ran userbenchmark it said my M.2 is way below average, and when i go into my files, it reads it as a SSD. does anyone know how i could configure this? the...
  35. T

    Question I have a ssd card from my broken laptop. I was wondering how/if i can transfer some of the data on it to new laptop

    I have a ssd card from my broken laptop. I was wondering how/if i can transfer some of the data on it to new laptop
  36. L

    Question Do I need more than 60hz for casual gaming? and 4k streaming

    I am planning to upgrade my PC, I mostly play Black OPS 4, 1h per day and thats it. I read somewhere that you need 5ms response rate and at least 74hz refresh rate. But my main computer user will be Music Production, Software Development and KODI/Netflix Streaming (I dont want to buy a separate...
  37. Pisol

    Question NZXT Kraken X52 not detected by Windows or CAM

    Hey guys. Yesterday I built my latest PC, which includes both a H200i and Kraken X52. The building process was fine, everything working as expected, including the AIO. The only issue is that Windows is not recognizing my Kraken, or at least I think so, and CAM isn't either. The pump, fans...
  38. D

    [SOLVED] will this build work?

    Cpu: amd ryzen 3 2200 Gpu: none Motherboard: Asrock B450m pro Ram: team T‐force vulcan 8gb ( 2x4gb) 288‐pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3000 (pc4 24000) Hdd: WD10EZEX 1TB Psu: EVGA 450 BT 80 plus bronze Case: E300L
  39. W

    [SOLVED] Building a small server

    Building a small business server. 6 Office PC's. All PC are high speed ethernet connected and files shared. We are building a small server for common files. Is the following configuration viable? I3 processor, windows10Pro, 250 Gig SSD as front end, 2 Terrabyte hard drive for file storage. Would...
  40. I

    Question The creepiest CMD command ever

    For any of you who know what Herobrine (The minecraft entity) is, me and my friend were playing with the command prompt trying to make it seem like herobrine had appeared using the following command: cls && set Herobrine=(color f2 && prompt Herobrine && echo welcome) what we thought the...