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    Question Dolby Atmos can't be activated in "Spatial Sound" - Windows 11 ?

    Hello dear TH Community. I come to you after days of searching in different forums about this strange behavior of the Dolby Atmos app. I'm sharing a brief list of things I have tried and specs to maybe find a solution, because right now I'm in total darkness: -Windows 11 Pro edition -Everything...
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    [SOLVED] Logitech G633 acting up

    Recently, the mic on my g633 has been finicky and only works in one position between the mute position and the down position and gets super staticky at any other position below mute, so I have to manually calibrate it every time i use it. Just now, it blasted a tone at a middle pitch that felt...
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    Can someone recommend me a free VPN sevice?

    Yes, I do know that there are very good VPN services just for couple of bucks, but I can't pay online. So if someone can recommend me one, that would be really nice, Thanks