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    Question Logitech Z506 Front Right speaker not working, what am I doing wrong here?

    Hello, this is my first post here.. I have tried everything I could including reviewing past posts about known issues with the Z506 but I have not been able to resolve my issue. I get sound from all the speakers except for the Front Right speaker (the one with the Power & Volume buttons) I have...
  2. Question Speakers buzzing sound after waking rig from sleep

    Hi, My speakers are Logitech Z506 5.1 and my motherboard onboard sound system is creative sound blaster. I started to get this issue for like months ago, I thought there could be something with the wires from the rig to the speakers. Then my last quick fix trick is to go to creative sound...
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    [SOLVED] Logitech Z506 + Samsung UE50KU6072

    Hello. I would like to use these speakers with TV but i have no clue what type of connection i need for them to work? optical/red+white 3.5mm, optical/black and orange 3.5mm? Thank you in advance!
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    New asus laptop goes on but only showing asus logo then it goes of again waht should i do

    New asus laptop goes on but only showing asus logo then it goes of again waht should i do
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    Mouse pad issue

    So I recently got a new mouse pad (qck+) and I get a small delay from putting my mouse down after I lift it up. My mouse is a asus strix claw gaming mouse. I never got this issue before with my previous mouse pad. I don't know if its the material of the mouse pad or the lift-off distance of the...
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    VGA won't connect with Asus G11

    Yesterday December 25th i got the Asus G11, i have two monitors and both worked with my ASUS ROG g20, one used VGA and the other used DVI, This computer only has been accepting the DVI cord with both monitors but when i plug in the VGA it says no signal, while the DVI is working fine. Do i need...