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  1. N

    Question Logitech G Pro Headset Mic Problem

    I have looked at many reviews of the microphone on this headset and people say it's really good. I did agree for the first use of the microphone, but when I was using it during gaming. My friends said it there was static and it was like my old mic I had before, they said it didn't sound like a...
  2. dimpant

    Question Logitech keyboard loses Bluetooth connection with Windows 10

    Logitech's K375s keyboard gets disconnected soon after it's paired with Windows 10 version 1809. It used to work fine at first. The problem started after a month or so. At first, the Bluetooth device driver was reported as disabled in Device Manager and re-enabling it recovered the...
  3. E

    Question G703 right click problem

    whenever im playing a game and i lay my hand flat on the mouse and right click to aim down the sights sometimes itll register it as two click instead of one (i checked on the logitech software) and was wondering if theres any kind of fix to this as the mouse is pretty expensive
  4. georgens

    Question Logitech G355 wireless headphones crackling/disconecting

    My day old logitech g355 headphones are fine when i have surround sound on watching youtube, i switch and eveything becomes crackly and slow and sounds terrible, then when i also launch a game like rainbow six sometimes when surround sound is on the game does the same crackling sounds again...
  5. T

    Question Logitech G700 failing.

    Good day. I have a question about a logitech g700 mouse. Several years ago i soldered a pair of new miscroswitches on it (a common failure on that model, weak switches) after that it was working fine. Charging LEDs sometimes would screw up and only flash middle one as red. But hitting mouse on...
  6. G

    Question Which speakers are better?

    Hi guys, i want to buy new speakers for my house, and i would like to know which of these 2 are better? Sony bluetooth mhc v41d or logitech z906?
  7. V

    Question Having RAM memory on 3000mhz makes my webcam flicker

    Hello guys, i just got my Logitech c930e, and i noticed something really really weird, when my RAM memory is on 2400mhz (default) everything is fine, as soon as i put it on 3000mhz, my webcam flickers at the point where is worthless like you bearly can see what is on camera. I really have no...
  8. R

    Question Logitech G13 keys virtually stuck - software problem

    Recently, my G13 has had a type of "sticky key" issue. There is no grime in the key. I am quite certain this is a software issue, although I am having trouble discovering the source. Periodically, ANY one of the G keys will "stick" and remain virtually pressed for a few seconds. While "stuck"...
  9. R

    Question G402 Cursor Moves slower compared to G102

    In my previous mouse(G102) I had DPI set to 1600 but now I have to set DPI to 2000 for the mouse to move the same distance on screen. Why is this happening? Is this a feature of this particular sensor? Is it because of the ARM CPU? PLease someone help.
  10. TechyInAZ

    Question Logitech HERO 16k DPI Sensor Worth the Upgrade?

    I've got a Logitech G500S currently and it has been serving me incredibly well. Main reason I want to keep this mouse for as long as possible is the anti sweat material has been an absolutely great feature, my hands sweat a ton and this mouse looks basically brand new even after 4 years of hard...
  11. InferNo_au

    Question Mouse Wheel Broken - Can't Scroll, Can Middle Click

    So last night while gaming I must of hit my scroll wheel hard or something since it ended up breaking. The scroll wheel seems like it fell out of place and when I scroll nothing registers. Additionally, my scroll wheel seems to get stuck if I scroll too fast back. It has also became loose, with...
  12. oliver_cool103

    Question Why Are My Front Header USB Better Then Rear Motherboard I/O?

    I have noticed that my rear front case header USB is allot faster then my rear motherboard I/O. For example, if I plugin my Logitech unifying receiver into the front I/O, I can use my mouse across my room. If I plug it into any of the rear motherboard I/O, it stops properly working a couple feet...
  13. E

    [SOLVED] Is the Logitech G430 still good in 2019 for gaming?

    I only do gaming though I want to do more multiplayer gaming. The Logitech G430 is on sale for £53 with 7.1 surround sound and USB. Is that a good deal? What headset should I get for £50 or under preferably as that's my budget for a gaming headset. I do have a mic though it's pretty bad since...
  14. R

    Question Logitech G403 Prodigy scrollwheel problem

    So I'm planning on buying this mouse and I read a few posts online which show that this mouse might have a scrollwheel problem but most of them are 2 years old. So has this problem been fixed yet? Is it worth buying ?
  15. B

    [SOLVED] Will a router next to me affect g305?

    I'm considering getting the Logitech G305, but i'm curious about whether or not the router next to me will affect the connection or effectiveness of the mouse. Will it affect it?
  16. J

    Question Logitech G432 vs Hyperx Cloud II

    As the title says should i buy the new logitech g432 (upgraded g430) or the old hyperx cloud II? also suggest me a better one than these 2 if available at this price point.
  17. Y

    Question Replacement for Logitech T400

    My old logitech T400 finally kicked the bucket yesterday. I want to replace it with something similar. I don't want a scroll wheel and the "new" t400 prices on ebay and amazon are insane. Id be willing to get a "new" t400 for around 30 bucks or so. but not the over 60 and in someplaces over 100...
  18. jackcraft666

    Question Travel bag for Logitech G560

    Hi, so I'm thinking on getting computer speakers for my setup, I'm either going for razer Nommo or Logitech g560. https://www.logitechg.com/en-au/products/gaming-audio/g560-rgb-gaming-speakers.html So I live in two houses and was wondering if there was a travel bag or something that will help...
  19. A

    Question PC gamepads stopped working in some games

    I have a Logitech F310 gamepad that I use to play some games on PC. It worked very well for about a year, but then I noticed that in some games it either did not work or some buttons were swapped with one another. The controller worked perfectly fine with these games before but then it just...
  20. Max_Pare

    Question Best gaming headset for 50 euros?

    Hello, yesterday i received a new logitech g430 headset that i ordered from amazon, and now less than 24 hours later, it's already faulty: the right channel is louder than the left one, and there is no setting tweaking to fix it, the actual headset is malfunctioning after not even a whole day...