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    [SOLVED] Is "high performance NVIDIA processor" safe on laptop?

    Hi! I play valorant on my laptop, sometimes to rarely have fps drop. I'm planning to download LOL and somehow pass the min. req. needed. I thought that if I would set high-performance NVIDIA processor in nvidia control panel would increase my fps and lessen the lag if I play valorant or LOL but...
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    [SOLVED] League of Legends TM client not responding after champion select

    Hello! I wanted to ask if someone has this error and I can fix it, I really don't know what to try anymore, I spent months with riot support and we couldn't fix it, then I was trying for a while on my own and I couldn't find anything, did someone go through the same thing? Got to fix it? Thanks...
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    Build Advice 240hz gaming pc , need help chosing parts!

    Hello everyone, I am looking to build a gaming pc by the end of the month... I want to achieve 240hz @ 1080p in CS:GO , Apex Legends , League of Legends. My budget is around 2000 EUROs. I live in The Netherlands I would maybe overclock the cpu oh and need alot of RGB. I was wondering if an...
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    [SOLVED] League of Legends FPS

    Dear all, I have just bought an Acer Nitro 5 two months ago equipped with Ryzen 7 4800H, Nvidia GTX 1650Ti and 16GB RAM. When I play League of Legends with HIGH resolution on High Performance Battery and power settings, my FPS hovers around 120-160 from the time minions spawn throughout the...
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    Upgrade, crossfire, or stay as is?

    Should i upgrade my card, crossfire it, or keep it as is and wait a longer time? If so, how long? build: