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  1. AmgynDrawde

    Question Is my GPU dying?

    So my PC randomly goes black screen, third time this has happened (all while gaming), and my GPU fan speeds shoot up to high rpm's. When I reboot this is what shows up on my main monitor. My fix to this has been to go into bios and then just save and exit, where then it just boots up normally...
  2. szbalcsi

    Question Low fps with low CPU and GPU usage

    Hi! I'm experiencing low FPS especially in League of Legends with a decent PC, and I noticed that my CPU is only running at 30% at maximum, and my GPU is running at 10% tops. I also play Valorant and even tho my FPS is fine there (around 200), the GPU usage is also only around 30%-50% and so is...
  3. C

    Question Odd FPS drops in league of legends? :(

    So i have had an odd issue with league of legends now for about a month or so, i have tried everything to solve it but nothing works, lets get into some info. - Pc Specs: Intel Core i7 Code Name Skylake Specification 11th Gen Intel Core i7-11700K @ 3.60GHz Ram: 32,0GB NVIDIA Model...
  4. SQUinn107777

    [SOLVED] Now we have some important setup to do

    I just bought an Alienware aura R11 and it’s been stuck on the now we have some important setup to do screen for 20 minutes now how long should I wait before I try restarting it
  5. mranimo

    Question Razer DeathAdder V2 vs Razer Mamba Elite

    I need a new mouse mostly for League of Legends. Which would be better and why? The razer deathadder V2 or the razer mamba elite?
  6. MaskedWaltex

    Question Random FPS drops in online games

    Hi! My FPS drops in every online game like LoL and CSGO. Pls help me. It is randomly goes abot 30-10 FPS with the sound too without any antecedent. My config: CPU: FX-8300 (Stock cooler) GPU: RX550 RAM: Dual Channel 2x4GB 800 MHz MOBO: ASUS M5A78L-M LX3 PSU: Zalman ZM500-LX My...
  7. Kesio

    Question FPS drops on laptop.

    Hello guys. I have i5-7300hq, gtx 1060 6gb max-q, 8gb of ram(single channel 2300MHz), ssd and hdd. When I play LOL in highest settings I get stable 150fps, while play cs:go on lowest I get 230 FPS, but in Fortnite on lowest I got very unstable FPS and don't even go higher than 110 (not included...
  8. Hay___BBY

    Question PNY 750ti problems

    So I have a used 750ti I got from my job when I install it, it will intall the driver but then it gives me an error 43 in the Device Manager, I used DDU and installed many different drivers, I do have a version of windows tottally out of date but it doesnt feel like that would be the problem. So...
  9. J

    [SOLVED] IPS or TN Panel?

    hello, i am building my first pc. i will mainly use it for gaming but also to study. the games that i will mainly play are: League of Legends, PUBG, World of Warcraft, some Call Of Duty, etc. which monitor would be best for me? i am willing to pay up to around ~150eur on the monitor. so should...
  10. C

    Question FPS lower than usual in LoL

    Hello, I've recently had a problem with some fps issues, about a week ago, my chrome and some games were really laggy, i've since reinstalled nvidia driver, but only the lag in chrome was fixed. When playing league, I usually have my fps cap on 144hz because of 144hz screen, but now I only get...
  11. P

    Question RTX 2060 Low FPS

    So a few weeks ago I got my self some new pc parts to upgrade my pc. Within those parts was a Geforce RTX 2060 Asus Rog Strix advanced 6GB. I installed everything, there were good fps in game, then like a week past and my frames dropped big time. CSGO went from 200 -400 fps to 80 to 100 fps LoL...
  12. abryant

    News Nvidia to Acquire Networking Giant Mellanox for $6.9 Billion

    Nvidia announced that it had reached an agreement with Mellanox to purchase the networking giant for $6.9 Billion. Read more here. PAUL ALCORN @PaulAlcorn Paul Alcorn is a Senior Editor for Tom's Hardware US. He writes news and reviews on CPUs, storage and enterprise hardware.
  13. 1

    Connecting TV to Soundbar

    I have a TV with coax digital out (no HDMI arc) and a sound bar with HDMI ARC in. Is there a converter from digital coax to HDMI? Right now I have it connected with a converter from digital coax to optical, but A) the connection is sensitive and if bumped cuts out. So I thought HDMI would be...
  14. A

    [SOLVED] 2080ti so high

    I thought my 1080ti at around $800 when it came out was crazy. How are 2080ti's selling for double that?
  15. R

    What happens when you use a Free-Sync monitor with a Nvidia card?

    Title. Using a 1080 if that helps.
  16. 6

    DiRT Rally only 30 fps.

    Hello, I start DiRT Rally, I see 60 fps. I go through menu/settings/whatever, I see 60 fps. I start the race, I see 60 fps. After like 30 sec, I see only 20 to 30 fps. I am 100% sure it's not because of the hardware, my PC is powerful enough for this game. So, what can I do?
  17. B

    Upgrade from HD 7970 to RX 570

    Is the upgrade worth it from HD 7970 to RX 570 for 1080p gaming? My specs: Asus ROG Strix X370 R5 1600 2 x 4gb G skill 3200mhz Ram 550w Super flower 80 plus silver 24 inch AOC 75x free-sync 1080p monitor
  18. J

    Rgb lighting to match with music/music beat.

    I'm looking for a rgb/led setup where I can sync the lights with music. I know NZXT's CAM could do that, but with the led strips only. I was looking up about how you can connect the Corsair lighting pro, commander and the fans together, but someone said that they don't support the lights being...
  19. C

    Moving a game from a laptop to a new one due to lack of space

    Hi. I need help on transfering a game from a laptop to another laptop. More exactly the game is Fallout 4 and is 85Gb. The problem is that on the new laptop i dont have enough space to download it and install it. Local Disk E has 180Gb and most of them are used (local disk c has 80gb). I have...
  20. A

    No connections available WIN 10

    Hi. I recently bought a new MB (Asus Prime B350 PLUS) and some other components too. After installing new components my PC loses internet connection when its under heavy traffic. It lasts about 5-10 seconds and then it reconnects. Before I installed new MB my internet worked fine, no problems...
  21. C

    Less Memory After Failed Upgrade

    I have a 6 Memory slot Alienware that came with 3 2GB sticks for 6GB of Ram. Each stick is at 1600 MHZ. Tonight, I installed 3 more 2GB sticks (was going to be 12GB total) at the same speed and it would not start (just beep). When I took out the new sticks, the PC said that overclocking had...
  22. J

    Looking for bluetooth sender for jack output

    Hello and thanks for readung this thread, So I'd like to make my Focusrite scarlett 2i2 audio interface wireless by finding some sort of devices that turns a jack output or 3.5mm output to a bluetooth signal. I have an audio technica ath m40x with a bluetooth receiver but I need to have a...
  23. P

    WD Black is read as WD blue .

    Hello guys, first time asking something here. Well i ve got a small confusion here. I just bought a HDD WD Black 2TB, and first thing i did was to make a 1.5gb partition , then i went to ( ) which gives you small .exe file to check your hardware . The program...
  24. M

    Connect Zook soulmate rocker bluetooth earphone with laptop win 7 professional

    Hi, I want to connect Zook soulmate rocker bluetooth earphone with laptop win 7 professional. While searching for bluetooth devices in laptop, it's always displaying driver not found. Any resolutions please.
  25. R

    Removing Cryptowall ransomeware

    How to remove cryptowall ransomeware 3.0?
  26. C

    8350 bios update to a 970 motherboard

    So I want to buy a fx-8350 and a Gigabyte AM3+ AMD 970 SATA 6Gbps USB 3.0 ATX AM3+ Socket DDR3 1600 Motherboards (GA-970A-DS3P). On pc part picker it say it MAY need a bios update. I’m not sure if this one would need a bios update or not. All the other motherboards are like 170+ and I don’t want...
  27. M

    PC crashes to colored checkerboard when GPU hits 60c

    Hello i have been having this issue for a while now and until recently i realized it happens when my gpu hits 60c. When id play demanding games i.e Black ops III ,Arma 3, Far cry primal, i would experience a freeze and i can still hear the sounds of the game and then it was a colored...
  28. J

    PLEASE HELP! New gpu not working at all!

    I received an EVGA GTX 1060 3gb today. All my other parts and fans, also LEDs etc work fine. However, when I attached my gpu and power on, nothing! The fans spin once every few seconds but there is no output! I am using an hdmi cable that is fully plugged in and that I know works fine! I...
  29. D

    Which one is the best?

    Hi, i want to know which one is the best? Msi 1060 Gaming X6G ASUS STRIX-GTX1060-O6G-Gaming Gigabyte Nvidia G-Force 1060 GTX Extreme 6GB
  30. C

    Too late to get into CIS

    Hey guys I'm only 28 yrs old. I've been wanting to get my foot in the computer industry for a long time. I've loved computer technology since I was 10, but I did start my family at a very young age. You think it's best that I start getting into college to get a Bachelors in this late in age? Or...
  31. enkidoe

    Asus H97 plus

    Guys, My H97plus boots only into its bios. The only thing that is changed, was the monitor. Offcourse i changed the monitor back, but no luck. Tried loading the default settings but still no luck. Anyone who can help? Thanks Edit: noticed that, when i manually select the drive to boot from, i...
  32. V

    4k vs 120-144hz 1440p

    Hello! So i am looking to get a new monitor, was looking at 4k only but most people suggest 120hz+ instead and 1440p and now im not sure what to get. 4k is newer and nicer but as all people say for gaming 120-144hz is so much smoother and once you go 120+hz you never go back to 60, same as i...
  33. L

    Was it a scam? Help asap thanks

    My dad told me that he called iobit to activate the software and they told him our internet was 95 percent infected if it gets to 100 we will lose all connection. He said they are based in china. He gave them 500 dollars. I think it's a scam personally.
  34. 7

    New build maybe

    Hi all just after some advice really, I've currently got an x58a mobo and i7 950 cpu. I'm looking to get a 1070 gpu as I have the gtx 970 atm and want to get more than 60 fps on 1440p would the motherboard and cpu need changing and end holding back the gpu? Ive just bought a 144hz 1440p monitor...
  35. M

    best motherboard for gaming 4th gen CPU

    plz can u tell me best motherboard for gaming support 4th gen CPu ?? thanks
  36. H

    Audio Splitter not working :'c

    Soooo i got my Laptop, ASUS K42JA, it has a Heaset and Mic Combo in 1 plug, I have Creative Gaming Headphone Draco HS-850. the headphone got 2 cables, 1 mic, 1 for the sound, both of them have TRS head cable, i ordered not 1, but 2 splitter, but both of em dont work, my laptop wont recognize the...
  37. J

    headphone volume control problem

    my step dad has bose headphones that need to be connected to the tv however its a very basic tv and there are not outputs only inputs. i have connected the headphones to the foxtel box using a coaxial cord and a digital/analog converter however now the sound coming through the headphones cannot...
  38. A

    The effect of "phone tracking technology" on the human health

    Hi I want to activate the technology that allow the phone to be tracked especially if it expose to a stealing but what make me worry are the increasing radiation of the phone when the tracking technology is activated because I noticed when I use the waze that the battery of the phone is...
  39. W

    Audio not working

    The program that the audio uses is ASUS Realtek Audio Manager. So about last week my audio jack stopped working (any fixes?) and my USB headset just stopped working too. Any help or ideas?
  40. I

    Computer stops displaying to monitors at random.

    Okay so yesterday I encountered a very strange issue while i was using my computer. I was playing Skyrim just fine, then all of a sudden both of my monitors went black and said that they were not receiving any signal. This happened without warning and windows didn't make a sound. In fact...