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    [SOLVED] "Long range" point to point connection to an outbuilding ?

    I'm interested in "beaming" wifi between 2 points on my property using possibly home-made yagi antennas. The points will have line of sight with no obstruction. And worse case they'd be 1500 feet away from each other. I was hoping for a reliable connection that isn't constantly cutting out, and...
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    [SOLVED] Front panel pin diagram or layout for a dell optiplex 990

    Is there anyway you would figure out what wire goes to what pin in the original proprietary pinout and just solder them to the correct wires on a new case and everything would work properly? Power switch USB all that. Just curious if anyone has ever done it that way.
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    Can't enter bios

    Hi,I have a lenovo v110-15isk and I can't enter BIOS only if I restart the laptop,rather than shutting down And it may sound like it isn't a problem,but if I want to let's say boot from an usb and it is not working or has missing windows files(let's say)it wouldn't work,so the mobo would try to...
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    It will support or not

    My motherboard is gsonic ddr2 processor Pentium dual core 2ghz.. Can nvidia 710 ddr3 support on my mother board answer me fast...
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    Dual Booting Windows and Ubuntu

    Hi, I am considering Dual booting Ubuntu on my Windows machine. I was going to go into Disk Management and shrink my current drive and use the shrinked drive to install Ubuntu on it. My question is; if I decide to uninstall Ubuntu in the future and re-partition the skrinked drive, will I be...
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    Best grafic cards in i5-650

    Hi, I have 3-4 years old hesktop pc with first generation i5-650, 240 Gb SSD, 8Gb Ram and Windows 7. Just yesterday my Geforce GTX 460 1GB GDDR5 has broken down and I'm thinking to replace it with better Video card, but I doubt that inserting too powerful video card it wont be used...
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    Water cooling or Air cooling??

    CPU: i5-4690k mobo: z97 pro4 gpu: twin frozrV gtx 970 case: spec 03 cpu cooling: cryorig h7 I wanted to know on whether I should use water cooling or air cooling, I overclock to about 4.5ghz at 1.250v and have idle temps of about 40c and load temps of around 64c I'm currently using a cryorig...
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    Can I do Eyefinity?

    I am currently running two MSI AMD Radeon HD R7850 2GB (Crossfire). Would I be able to do Eyefinity?