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    [SOLVED] help my partition is lost after accidentally deleted and merged!

    hello guys i have a 1TB HDD and it has 2 partitions of 310GB and 1 partition of 200GB. since i had about 100GB unallocated space left, i wanted to extend them evenly across the partitions and with the 200GB partition it went smoothly using Windows disk management utility. i run my OS on an SSD...
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    GTX 970 battlefield 4 lag

    Hello i jsut got my BF4 game and i dont know why when i am on map with a lot of players like 64 i am getting huge fps drops from 114 to like 40... i think this GPU should run this game on ultra i am playing on high and still getting issues My PC: i5 4690K GPU: ASUS GTX 970 RAM: 16GB DDR3...