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    Question Gpu fans stuck at 50

    Hi, so I've had a problem with my system recently. I was playing some games yesterday and everything was going smoothly. I noticed that there were new Nvidia drivers so I decided to download them. After downloading I started noticing weird problems. First of all my GPU fan curve that I had set...
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    Compatibility of RAM

    Well my motherboard is Intel DG41RQ E7500 which can supports only ddr2 up to 8gb.... ram.. I've 2gb ddr2 ram, DRAM frequency 400.0 MHz(CPU-Z reading) by product it is 800mhz. CPU-Z showing the latency as 5-5-5-15-23,1.8Volts...I want to upgrade by replacing 4GB RAM with 2GB Which DDR2 ram of...