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  1. KSwan2012

    Question I think my GPU fans are acting up

    So a couple of days ago my gtx 1060 started going full blast after a couple minutes of gaming, for the last few days I’ve been troubleshooting and I’m at a breaking point. I hope someone will have some tips. At the start everything is normal, I load up a game like normal and then all of a...
  2. T

    Question Is the DEEP COOL DQ750-M-V2L any good? Better than the EVGA B3?

    Good morning to everyone! My question is simple, is this psu good? (https://www.amazon.it/gp/product/B086VZ92DP/) I can buy it for 93€, and i would like to know if it's better than the EVGA B3? I would use it for an 1060 and ryzen 5 3600, the thing that it's most interesting for me it's that...
  3. Nxthan_VIbes

    Question Brand new 3060 TI Pc Fan loud

    Ive just bought a Gaming Pc with a 3060 TI a ryzen 5 5600x, 650w PS Heres the link But the fans are INCREDIBLY loud compared to other pc's of friends that also have 3060 ti, We run the same fps in games so i do not understand why my fans are so loud, Also pleease could i have some information on...
  4. ynssvr

    Question PLS HELP how to change CPU frequency in bios

    Hey guys, I hope you all are doing well, I just wanted to ask you how I can change and lock my CPU frequency in the BIOS because my CPU frequency is nearly always at max (I have a ryzen 7 5800x and it goes quickly from 3,8 GHz ti 4,7 GHz) so it makes the cpu fans turn too much and make too much...
  5. ynssvr

    Question Fans make too much noise (pls help)

    Guys I need your help, I recently got my pc and theres a really big problem, it’s way too loud. I have 4 sp120 rgb pro fans and an nzxt kraken x53 aio for my ryzen 7 5800x and some fans are too loud (I think it’s the aio fans) i tried going on dc mode then let it calibrate itself on the BIOS...
  6. Samsonob12

    Question BIOS And Ai suite 3 Not Recognizing All Of My Fans

    Any help appreciated
  7. Kcopp

    [SOLVED] AIO Pump seems to not listen to Bios

    I set up my pump (Coolermaster masterplus ml240l v2) to certain speeds due to temp of cpu, yet I start up a game and it seems to go to max speed. Why is this? PC: CPU: I-10700k Cooler: Already Mentioned Motherboard: MSI z490-A Pro ATX LGA 1200 RAM: 16gb Tridentz SSD: Samsung 970 Evo 1TB...
  8. [SOLVED] New PC noisy

    Hi! I technically have two questions... My computer makes a constant "spinning disk writing noise" like really rapid clicking, it increases and decreases a little seemingly without a pattern. I'm essentially trying to make my PC less noisy. After the computer has been off for a while, it is...
  9. ocaylle

    Question CPU fan on new PC is really loud ?

    I just bought a new pc and the fan is being really loud when i play rdr2. The pc is watercooled which is pretty new to me. PC specs: Im not quite sure but i believe the fan is 120mm RTX 3080 i7-10700k 750w psu 32gb ram idk if its needed but motherboard: DoradoOC Z490 Any help on fixing the...
  10. A

    [SOLVED] My computer is loud and it shutdown when i start a game

    Hello, Like the subject, my computer make a loud sound and it crash when i try to start a game. I would like to know how to fix that. Thanx in advance for your answer.
  11. S

    [SOLVED] Why is my Corsair CX550m making this annoying sound?

    New to pc building and keep running into problems with various components. This time the PSU is really loud. Here is a link to a video of the sound: Specs: Ryzen 5 3600 b450m Gaming plus max Corsair vengeance 3200mhz 16gb gtx 1660 CX550m psu 2 hard drives 1 ssd 1 m.2nvme ssd Also whenever I...
  12. D

    [SOLVED] Computer whirs/works hard when gaming AND running nothing.

    I have a custom built PC but honestly know little about it. Recently it's been whirring very loudly for little to no reason, and I'm afraid for its life. I've had it for almost 7 years, but I feel as if I've kept the components up-to-date enough. It will whir when I game (ex games; World of...
  13. A

    Question Loud PSU

    Hi. A few days ago I bought a used budget gaming pc. However, after using it for a few hours I noticed that my PSU fan would start making a grinding noise as if it is touching something while spinning. Interesting thing is when my place my case horizontally, the noise would stop immediately...
  14. M

    Question Graphics card fans sound like a vacuum, non-stop

    Hello ladies & gents, I have an issue w/ my Zotac Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 graphics card running on Windows 10. Please see this link for a summary of the specs, https://1drv.ms/u/s!AoWBcHkfksvNjQWRLyP-sQVlAIWd Odd thing is nothing appears to be overheating, both software monitors or to the...
  15. whatsnew1234

    Question GPU gets very hot and very loud very quick

    Hello, I have a question about the GPU on my Asus Laptop (Nvidia GeForce 1050). For quite a while already I notice that my GPU gets very hot and very loud pretty fast. Example: I use google chrome and have multiple sessions open plus some simple microsoft programms like word or excel and my...
  16. I

    [SOLVED] constant fan noise - Toshiba Satellite pro c50-e-101

    We purchased 5 laptops - Toshiba dynabook Satellite pro c50-e-101 with an i5 8250u. The problem is the constant fan noise, with it increasing and decreasing all the time. I'm on the Windows 10 welcome screen. It's asking me to create a user and to connect to wi-fi and it's already ramping up...
  17. E

    [SOLVED] VRM/MOS FAN 12,000 RPM Help

    VRM/MOS FAN 12,000 RPM. I tried changing it in the MSI BIOS (latest version) and no matter what I clicked on, it stayed running at 12,000 RPM (MAX speeds). None of the setting options increased or decreased the the fan in MOS, Smart Fan mode changed nothing, All Full Speed changed nothing...
  18. L

    [SOLVED] is 83C bad for my GPU??

    so usually when i play fortnite, my GPU is usually averaging 83C when my fan is 50%, and i always prefer 50% because any higher is to loud for my fan. So my main question is, is it ok to run at 83C with my GPU? (if not i can put my fan to 80 percent, but i rather not because its to loud) GPU...
  19. [SOLVED] RTX 2080ti fans crazy RPMs

    Alright hi ! I've got a bit of a problem with a card I got a few months ago. The card worked fine for a good while, but one day it suddendly started to act weird, can't really say when nor why. MOBO : Gigabyte Aorus Ultra CPU : i9 9900K no overclocking GPU : Gigabyte Aorus GeForce RTX 2080 Ti...
  20. Chris 2224

    [SOLVED] Pc suddenly loud

    I had this weird problem for like 5 or 6 months. Sometimes randomly while pc is idle/playing a game my pc gets super loud. Changed thermal paste today, looked at the Temps. everything seems really normal. As I said it happened before and it usually stops after 1 or 2 hours, or I just restart...
  21. M

    [SOLVED] Can't change case fan speed

    Hi there, I just built a pc for my brother, and have used a fan cable splitter to have enough fan ports. Now I realise I can't change the fan speed in the Speedfan program. Also in the bios I don't see any fans popping up other than the cpu fan. Right now the fans are really cool, which is...
  22. M

    Question CPU Cooler screaming like a banshee

    Hello there, Put my first system together yesterday, everything works well except for my Coolermaster MA610P CPU cooler which in general is really loud. The worst part, though, is that it emits a noisy squeaky sound (Video link here) when hitting a certain RPM. Ryzen Master shows 45-60c...
  23. Manny.Pardo

    [SOLVED] CPU low usage and high temperature after cleaning.

    Windows 10. I have an Intel Core i7 860 2.80 GHz CPU with the stock fan. I have just cleaned it and are having performance issues after doing so. This is strange since I have cleaned it in a similar matter before. The stock CPU fan is noticeably louder than normal. The temperature from the PC...
  24. P

    [SOLVED] Loud HDD, sounds almost like a case fan?

    So, I recently installed some new fairly silent case fans in my PC. After doing so, I started hearing what I thought was just the CPU fan being loud, or maybe a case fan that wasn't quite so silent after all. Instead, I discovered that the noise is coming from at least one, possible several, of...
  25. S

    Question RX 580 fans spinning at above 3000 rpm even while idle

    Hi, I've recently built my first gaming pc so bear with me here. My RX 580 fans are constantly spinning above 3000 rpm the moment I press the power button. Even when the temperature is low the fans are spinning extremely fast and loud. Currently the temperature is 22C and I have 3059 rpm. Here...
  26. BrunoGarcilazo

    [SOLVED] Why is my PSU fan so loud?

    I built a new PC with the idea of making it to be silent, so I got: beQuiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 Noctua NF-A14 chromax.Black.Swap NZXT H210i The only thing I kept from my old build was the PSU, a Cougar GX1050, it is a good PSU and works well so I didn't mind keeping it. But the PC is loud, even...
  27. A

    [SOLVED] loud Eaton 5E UPS?

    Hello, I recently bought an Eaton 5E UPS. I plugged it and my PC to it and its noise is unbearable in my bedroom. Is it always going to be like that or only during the charging? In case it's always like that and I must replace it, what UPS from this list...
  28. O

    Question Why is my AIO Pump fan so loud?

    I just finished building my first PC and i noticed that the x72 fans are super loud and was just wondering if that was normal? Kraken Pump: 2016 RPM Kraken Fan 1: 918 RPM Case Fan 1-3: 900-930RPM Model: Kraken X72 This all while in "silent" mode
  29. W

    Question Fans get very loud when windows starts.

    I just replaced my I7 7700k and Asus Motherboard with an i7 9700k Asus Strix Rog Z390-e Gaming mother board. I also replaced my Corsair H100i Cooler with a Corsair H115I rgb Cooler. I was having doubts replacing anything because my PC ran like a champ, but I thought upgrading to the 9700k...
  30. L

    [SOLVED] my computer is too loud when i turn it on

    Hello , so i think this is a problem or will be a problem i think i have to take action of this ... it started like 2 weeks ago and still going on ... so the problem is when i turn my computer on its too loud like a machine or something you know what i mean ... as soon as the windows starts i...
  31. Badankydank

    [SOLVED] HDD Making loud noises under load, is it dying?

    Hello, I have had my PC (and HDD) for 5 months now and for some reason for the past two days, my hard drive has become quite loud when under load. I have googled around I found that this might be because it is failing, however, I am confused because it only makes the noise under load (a loud...
  32. F

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 7 3800x suddenly high temp

    Today, when I hopped on my PC, I noticed that while in-game, my CPU temp is hitting 67~75 Celsius, while even last night, it didn't even reach 65. I have Corsair H115i 280mm in Corsair iCUE 220T case, with the default fans. My radiator sits at the front side of the case drawing air from inside...
  33. S

    Question How do I control the built-in fan on the back of my Acer Predator X27 monitor?

    I own a $2000 4k 144hz Acer Predator X27 monitor and the built-in fan on the back of the monitor sometimes gets loud (even when I shut down the computer). How do I control the fan speed (max speed) on the back of the monitor? Or even turn it off?
  34. saltySquash

    Question GTX 1070 Really loud - one fan is a lot slower than the other two

    My 1070 has started getting really loud suddenly, and i think it's because the two other fans are running faster to compensate the speed. It can be pretty quiet for one second and then suddenly it's just as loud as an old washing machine. From the data i've been able to access, it looks like...
  35. I

    Question GPU (RTX 2060) loud and hot on DirectX 11

    Hi, I just upgraded my GTX 960 to PNY RTX 2060 and I'm noticing some weird behavior: The card can be quiet and fairly cool (approx. 60 C°) when playing some games, but gets loud and hot (approx. 75 C°) with others, e.g: quiet with The Division 2, Assassin's Creed Odyssey or Shadow of the...
  36. T

    [SOLVED] Fans are too loud

    Hello, I have recently build my own gaming pc and the cpu fan and the case fans are all too loud. i have tried turning the fans down with msi command center but command center crashes my system sometimes but it went much quieter that way. But now i have deactivated command center due to the...
  37. Minky7

    [SOLVED] NZXT X61 Fan RPM Not Controlled By CAM?

    I'm having an issue with my NZXT X61, I've had some issues previously, but none related to this. This time (after a case swap, everything is plugged in correctly), no matter what I set the fan speed percentage to in the CAM software the fans continue to run at 1200-1350 RPM. It's rather annoying...
  38. Potato825

    [SOLVED] Looking for Nice Gaming Headphone for $150

    I'm looking for a new pair of headphone due to my current hyperx cloud alpha right ear cup going bad, I have my eyes on a couple pairs. I just want someone else opinion and knowledge to help me find a new pair here are some that I have my eye on Audio-technica ATH-m50x...
  39. A

    Question Watercooling extremely loud

    Hi, About 6 months ago I bought a custom built PC, which was assembled in company and sent to me. About a week ago water cooling system started to get really loud. Noise is similar to vibrating sound. At first I wasn´t so aware of it, but now it´s really annoying. What do you think it is and...
  40. Rudy La Fontaine

    Question Asus ROG G20AJ tower making obscenely loud noise out of nowhere

    Didn’t know if this was the correct forum/subforum to ask this, but starting recently my (~$800, barely a few years old) tower has been making a disturbingly loud humming noise that last lasts roughly a few minutes before dissipating. It seems to sometimes (not always) happen upon awaking from...