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  1. R

    Question low gpu and cpu usage

    Hello guys, I have a Geforce 1660 and an AMD ryzen 7 1700, and in games like overwatch and csgo I get only 20% CPU usage and 50% GPU usage. As I bump up the quality the GPU usage does go higher, but my problem is that at low settings, I don't hit the desired fps. I don't have vsynch on or any...
  2. Mumen_Rider

    [SOLVED] How to fix my PC Problem: low FPS low CPU low GPU

    Hi there, just so you know, I do not know a lot about computers, and this might be a long message, but I’ve been stuck with this problem for a while and I tried many things and I still don’t know how to fix it. I stopped playing MMORPG’s a few years ago because my friends stopped playing them. I...
  3. TwinDenis

    smartphone external memory sd to internal?

    Hello, I recently got a sony xperia e4g and a sd card of 32gb but noticed it is not used as an default memory so is there a way to utilize that?
  4. Confused Idiot

    PC PSU making really faint buzzing noise

    Idk if it is coil whine but I have to put my ear less than 6 inches away to hear it, this is the only problem and I just started hearing this today... Is this dangerous? I'm really scared! It's a EVGA SUPERNOVA B2 750 Watt PSU