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low fps 1070

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    Question Fps drops lower than 30 in some games

    I have a laptop, i76700hq and a 1070 (non max q). A few weeks ago my fps dropped in the majority of my games to unplayable, non heavy games like league of legends can't get above 30fps. However the only games that I seem to run perfectly are r6 with 80+ fps and rocked league with 100+ fps. Even...
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    Question why am i getting low fps in a good pc?

    hello everyone I am not going to waste anyone time. See I have a gtx 1070, ryzen 3 1200, 2400mhz ram of corsair, 500 watts psu , msi a320m pro vh plus mobo, 1 tb hdd. I am getting 150 to 40 fps in csgo and 30 to 50 in gta 5 and also the texture doesn't load. I don't know what's the problem. I...