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    Question last vs 2nd gen 240HZ Tn panels and toms hardwares testing methodoligy

    First of all no hate for my name please tom is my actual name. I own a pg258q from asus which uses AU optronics first gen tn 240hz panel, my friend recently got the aorus kd25f which uses a 2nd gen panel. out of curiosity i ran a number of things with the window split across both screens...
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    worst pc port fail

    This is a discussion not a question btw... well what's the worst pc port you have played? The absolute worst pc port imo is saints row 2. it runs on average 30 fps on my decent rig. my rig is gtx 560 ti, 4 gigs of ram, fx-6300 cpu and it barley gets 30 fps on average maxed out 1680x1050. The...