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  1. m3city

    Question How high a framerate do I really need, isn't 60 enough ?

    It hit me just recently (or maybe it did before, but I had simply went along) that my pursue for a more powerfull GPU is getting ridiculous at some point. Do I really need a GPU that will give me 120 fps on average at 1920p? Because that's what I play on. I don't see a reason to go beyond 27"...
  2. S

    Question New Build 4070 Ti only pulling 30 watts of power ?

    I am need of some help. I have recently just built a new computer and now that I have everything setup I am getting terrible (unplayable) performance on every single title. Single digit FPS on CSGO. My build specs are as follows: Mobo: Gigabyte z790 Aorus Elite AX CPU: Intel Core I7 13700k Ram...
  3. Equient

    [SOLVED] My GPU is only drawing around 1/8 to 1/6 of the TDP

    I recently upgraded from a 1050 to an RX 6500 XT, while I was looking at the data the radeon software was giving me while running a game on the side, I noticed powerdraw was incredibly low, and utilization was spiking up and down. FPS was barely better, and worse at times than my 1050, I'm...
  4. H

    Question PLEASE HELP Random Low FPS rx580

    I recently upgraded to an rx580 4gb Nitro+ (used) from an HD 4850 and noticed that in a lot of games my FPS will be very low. I have it paired with a new fx8350 overclocked at 4.5GHz (previously an Athlon ii x3 425) and am certain it's not a bottleneck as GPU usage is always 100% and cpu usage...