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  1. MMaTYY0

    [SOLVED] Is it okay to use Windows low power mode when gaming?

    Hey there, I have my HP Omen 15 2019 and when I am playing intense games, the laptop overheats even underclocked, on a cooling pad (not repasted yet). I found out, that if I am gaming in Windows' low power mode, the temperatures are better, and I don't care about lower FPS and performance. My...
  2. B

    [SOLVED] Use internal hard drives as NAS without a full PC power on

    Is it possible to access mapped network drives without the whole PC running in the normal way? I've recently migrated my Plex Media Server to NVIDIA Shield Pro - I still need access to the hard drives on the PC to use the media, but wondered if there was some sort of 'pared down' setup I could...
  3. K

    Question LOW GPU voltage during gaming

    I have been playing games during july on my new pc's graphics card and I don't seem to get the fps I should be getting. My GPU is a GTX 1660 OC 6GB I have noticed that on certain games, older in a sense, the card's voltage is similar to idle (0.65v~0.85v). The maximum voltage state for this...
  4. iabishop

    Build Advice 10w Idle Server Build CPU & Motherboard Advice

    Hi Everyone I’m currently exploring a home server build with a target idle power consumption of 10w (with basic hardware before adding additional storage drives, pci etc) and have been reading numerous blogs and posts in my attempt to obtain a balance between processing needs and efficiency...
  5. H

    Question Is my psu enough??

    hello i wanted to buy a sapphire rx580 8gb card but im not sure my psu can handle it this is my pc system i have a 480 wat psu Motherboard: b350m-e cpu: ryzen 3 2200g 2× 4 gb ddr4 ram 1 hdd 7200 1 fan maybe i overclock later can someone please help me with this do i need more wats? and...
  6. H

    Question PLEASE HELP Random Low FPS rx580

    I recently upgraded to an rx580 4gb Nitro+ (used) from an HD 4850 and noticed that in a lot of games my FPS will be very low. I have it paired with a new fx8350 overclocked at 4.5GHz (previously an Athlon ii x3 425) and am certain it's not a bottleneck as GPU usage is always 100% and cpu usage...
  7. F

    Processor only uses 2 cores instead of 6

    Hello! So 've recently upgraded my computer, I'm having a blast with running games that I couldn't usually play before such as For Honor, Minecraft at above 20 frames and a few others, but I'm now having trouble with my cores. My processor seems to be only using two cores instead of the six I...
  8. G

    How to Protect Your Identity, Personal Data and Property

    Stumped by strange cybersecurity terms? Worried you'll be infected as soon as you log in? Here are computer-security basics you should know. How to Protect Your Identity, Personal Data and Property : Read more
  9. S

    Hard Drive Problem

    Hello Sir, I have 945 motherboard dual core processor and installed 1TB hard drive,2 GB ram, 1) is 2GB ram sufficient for running smoothly 1TB hard drive? 2) my PC slowly beep continuously,when given some moment it stops? 3) My PC become slow
  10. D

    Which build is better?

    Im new to PC gaming and im looking to build a pc, and ive done some research and I made 1 good build lol (as i'd like to think, prob not tho) but I want your guys opinion, if there are any parts that could be better please let me know, thank you http://pcpartpicker.com/list/rdhm8K - FX 6300 My...
  11. azrael8910

    will it work? without issues?

    will it work with this motherboard? Gigabyte GA-H110N (http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=5738#ov) Kingston Hyper X 1x8GB 2133mhz/2400/2600(will the speed automatically reduce to 2133??) intel core i3-6100(of course it will bottleneck the videocard a little bit, depending on...
  12. D

    Build vs. Buy

    Hello So recently I've been playing a lot more pc gaming than usual and am enjoying to more than console. I have decided to buy a gaming pc but am on a budget of 300 or so dollars. What are the pros and cons of building a pc and buying one? I'm not looking for the best computer just a good...
  13. A

    What is DVI with HDCP?

    Is there a difference between DVI-D and DVI w/HDCP when it comes to their structures? Or it's just the same? Sorry about this, I just don't have any idea about this thing.
  14. S

    NAS to Support 12TB

    A good NAS with 2 Bay to support WD RED 6TB SATA Drives ..Maximum Capacity for NAS is 10-12TB,,Good Suggestions needed??But please NO Netgear!!
  15. S

    R9 270x Green screen and Crashing.

    i bought it off new egg. and when i installed it into my rig it was working fine. until i started playing games or watching twitch. and it's not just a green screen. it's an assorted collection of colors. ive had this crash like 30 times now or more.. Rainbow from hell.. But ive tried...
  16. S

    my pc not showing anything to the monitor ?

    hello i have a Sapphire dual x r9 270 gpu suddenly after yesterday after pressing the power button its not showing anything on the monitor i have tried everything but not worked integrated gpu works fine but my ext gpu not displaying anything to the monitor i have that kind of problem before...
  17. M

    Fan Connectors and other questions

    This is my build: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/dNjJBm The fans I chose are not PWM. I got an Asus Maximus 7 hero MOBO and (I think) all its fan headers are 4 pin PWM. 1.What would happen if I used the non PWM fans? Would everything work correctly? 2. What are the disadvantages? Are there ANY...