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    Question A GTX 3060 Ti for 500$ ?

    Hi, so I live in Lebanon, Gpu prices are normally higher due to tariffs and shipping costs. However, last week I saw a new Asus Rog Strix Gaming RTX 3060 Ti FHR on OLX for 500$ (with official warranty). I'm skeptical and thought maybe someone can help me figure out if its counterfeit when...
  2. P

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 2600 105$ AliExpress

    I would like to know if i can trust and buy a ryzen 2600 on aliexpress for 105$, seller is top brand, 4.9 stars, 512 reviews, 1869 purchases. 5 stars 96% 4 stars 3% 3 stars 1%. i`ve talked with him and he said the cpu is brand new but it comes without cooler, Should i trust in this website...
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    In my area the price of RX 570 is just equal to the price of GTX 1050 and rx 470(used) but in performance rx 570 is a beast as compared to gtx 1050 and so i was a bit suspicious why such a good card is so cheap? can u guys tell me what the catch here..........
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    Question new ssd for new graphics card?

    I recently installed a new graphics card the nvidia rtx 2060 but the waiting time is worse and stuff wont load in. I know the rtx is better than my older graphics card but iit runs way slower. My brother said the problem was simple and that i just had to buy a new ssd but I am not sure. If he is...
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    New PC Build Issues

    Hello all, I just finished a new PC build and am experiencing problems with of brief freezing similar to a maxed out cpu while doing simple tasks like opening a web browser. They are small pc freezes typically around 10 seconds to a few minutes. I ran a ram test and everything checked out...
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    TCL's Awesome 55-Inch 4K TV Goes on Sale for $499

    One of our favorite 4K TVs is about to get cheaper. TCL's Awesome 55-Inch 4K TV Goes on Sale for $499 : Read more
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    How to add windows 8 onto a PC without an optical drive?

    Title pretty much sums it up. Thanks!
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    small cpu cooler

    i plan on building a small muilti media system the list of harddrware i be using is case lain li PC-Q28 motherboard ASRock Z97E-ITX/AC harddrive 80GB Intel 530 Series mSATA-III SSD also 2 4tb power supply Silverstone Strider ST45SF-G 450W 80+ Gold but i not sure about what cpu to use or cpu...
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    I need Ptas fast! Resident evil 4

    Im in chapter 3-2 and i have 510370 Ptas but i need 1.000.000 to get Chicogo typewriter! Any way to get the money needed fast?