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  1. AZE0018

    Question my gpu utilization is 100% and processor utilization is low while gaming? is it issue?

    my pc specs are ryzen 5 3500x , amd rx 480 msi gpu 16 gb of ram my gpu is utilizing 100% during gaming but processor is oly 30 to 40 percent utilizing, is it a issue? the temperatures are normal but there are lags and slow down of games performance, and sometimes face sudden fps drops down in...
  2. G

    Question Good Cpu and Gpu but low usage and fps

    So I've had my pc for a little over a year now, and suddenly every game has been having very low fps and is stuttering. I have a 3070 and a 7 3700x, so I think that my parts are decent enough to play almost any game without lag, at reasonable settings of course. The thing is that no matter what...
  3. J

    Question Fps is low but all resources running at around 40-60%.

    This seems to be a common problem but I've tried every fix and spent hours monitoring my hardware utilization and fps but have seen absolutely no results. I like to play Destiny 2 and my frames are inconsistent between 60 and 80 fps on a 144 Hz monitor. Sometimes I can even have frame skips, but...
  4. X

    [SOLVED] please help... gpu utilization

    so, i have tried every single method i could find on how to increase the utilization of the gpu but none seem to work... i tried turning off low latency mode, threaded optimization and setting power manageent to max performance in the 3d settings section of nvidia control panel. i tried...
  5. J

    Question Minecraft Lag on a high end pc

    My original build was a 3600 + 1070 and 16 GB of ram at 3000 mhz. I was experiencing some frame rate dips and just general low FPS in Minecraft (forge), often making the game unplayable, so I decided to upgrade assuming it was my lack of hardware that was causing lack of performance in the game...
  6. S

    Question Low CPU usage during CPU-Z stress test

    Hello, a couple weeks ago I was playing rocket league when suddenly my fps was cut in half, it only lasted a couple seconds so I didn't think anything of it, a few days later it happened again, this time it laster a couple minutes instead. I didn't bother doing anything about it because it...