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    Question Good 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot Device?

    Hello, I am in search of a good 4G LTE mobile hotspot device. Right now in my location, I don't have good internet access so I am wanting to use my unlimited hotspot feature I still have with T-Mobile. With that being said, can someone recommend me a good 4G LTE mobile hotspot device? I don't...
  2. R

    AMD fx-9590 keeps overheating randomly even when idle

    PC hardware: MB: SABERTOOTH 990FX 2.0 CPU: AMD FX-9590 RAM: 16368 MB DDR 3 PSU: CX600M (replaced this to test it, still experienced freezing) CPU Cooler: Water cooled My PC keeps randomly freezing, even when it's idle. Downloaded SpeedFan to monitor temps and noticed that's VCORE keeps...
  3. O

    Accelero Xtreme 5870

    Hello! I currently have a 5870 1gb with the accelero xtreme 5870 cooler and keeps it really cool, 50C in full load, but since it is a very old card i want to upgrade it to a 1060 3gb but i dont want the cooler to on thr 1060 to be stock so i'm wondering if this cooler is same as the accelero...
  4. J

    MSI Factory Restore not showing up in F3 boot screen?

    My laptop, a MSI GE62 2QD Apache Pro, started freezing and acting funny so I decided to use the F3 boot option to restore it to factory settings to speed it up like it used to be. The problem is, the only option under the Troubleshoot menu in F3 recovery for me is either "Reset This PC" or...
  5. A

    New Cooler possibilities H100i mounting

    Hello. I'm looking to get a new water cooler. I had decided on the Corsair h100i due to advice given to me by another member of these forums. Thinking about it now, I'm wondering how I could even mount it in my case. I have a Lancool k62 which has 2x140mm fans up top, the h100i is 2x120mm. Is it...
  6. L

    AMD GPU Second Monitor "No Signal" VGA-DVI Adapters.

    Hi, so today my second DVI-VGA adapter finally came, but when I plugged it into the second DVI output on my GPU the second monitor said no signal. I can use HDMI but it looks like complete crap and both of my monitor only have VGA in. Why does this happen? Is there a update that fixes this or...
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    Can My Modem be Repaired

    Hello I have a ZTE Broadband Modem (ZXDSL 531B), When I turned on My Modem Today it doesn't works, Two of its light are continuous lit and when I tried to connect Internet. it shows that "Cable is unplugged" Please Help me and tell if it can be fixed :(
  8. N

    CPU fan just twitches while playing game

    Whenever I play a certain game (The WItcher) My cpu starts to slow down for a secon the goes back to speed. Eventually it slows down to just twitching. But, when I alt+tab out of the game it goes back to normal.
  9. DBZmadara

    Can i Fix my motherboard or do i have to buy a new one?

    Hello i bought a gaming pc from ebay and it arrived damaged. I cant get video output on my screen, but everything turns on good even the lights and fans. It doesn't give me a beeping sound because it doesn't have that feature. Any who i found this little piece out of its place and was wondering...
  10. H

    how to get steam client running

    Hey, guys im trying to play Sonic Generations for the PC and when I opened the .exe file a pop-up comes up and says ''The Steam client is not running. Please run the Steam client and try again. This application will now close. Please help me I have downloaded steam I am a member of Steam I tried...
  11. R

    Mini-Itx Motherboard without Internet

    I'm looking to build a mini-itx computer for a trip I'll be going on. They don't allow any devices that can access the internet there, so I'm hoping to make a mini-itx build with a network card that I'll later remove. If anyone has any suggestions for where I can find a motherboard like this...
  12. Ahmadovich

    CM N300 vs K380

    I need a case for my build which is i5 4440 Sapphire R9 270 Dual-x Boost Seasonic ECO 500W GA-Z87X-D3H RipjawsX 8GB (1x8GB) 1866MHz and I will get CM N300 or CM K380 Which one is better in your opinion ? thanks in advance
  13. F

    how do i figur out the wifi password

    how do I figure out the wifi password to D-Link
  14. R

    What the difference

    is this same or difference between PCIe 3.0 and PCIe 2(x16/0 or x8/x8)?AND can isu GTX 660 to PCIe 2x16?
  15. L

    better gaiming set-up?

    which would be a better set-up for gaming? AND be more value for money? the first one ( or second one (
  16. winaster

    What cooling fan/pad should i get?

    I have a laptop (i use it for gaming it works very well besides some heat issues after a few hours of gaming) that vents heat out the side and seem to pull air in the bottom. As in the side vent is always hot and the bottom vent is always cool. I was hoping someone could recommend a good cooling...
  17. G

    1 corsair 8gb xms3

    I made my first build and i have only one 8gb corsair xms3 memory and i was wondering if i got a second one exactly like this one would my computer activate dual channel?
  18. V

    Best Wireless Router - Comcast Blast

    Recently I upgraded my Internet Service to Comcast Blast. In wired mode I get up to 65-70 mbps. However, in wireless I only get 10-14 mbps. I sat in the same room next to the router and still got the same results. These are my devices: Modem : Motorola Surfboard SB6121...