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  1. S

    Question Lubing squeaky T7 Wired Gaming Mouse - Use dielectric grease?

    Gaming Mouse Wired, Biijok Ergonomic Gaming Mice Programmable with 16 Million Colors Backlight, 7 Buttons, 5 DPI Settings Up to 7200 DPI Computer Mouse for Computer Laptop PC Mac Windows-Black : Video Games Pictek Gaming Mouse T7 Review | Technical Functions | Software MACRO BUTTON...
  2. FranCal92

    [SOLVED] RTX 3070 fan lubing ?

    Did anybody attempt to do fan relubing/manteinance? I currently have a Palit RTX 3070 Gaming Pro (bought it in December), and I noticed the fans are getting a little more noisy. For instance, the other day I pulled out the gpu from the case and spinned the fans by hand, and I noticed that they...
  3. pmz94

    [SOLVED] How can I fix my fan

    I have a Cooler Master Sickleflow X for a long time and it became too noisy. I wanted to lube it to kill it's noise but it got it's bearing sealed. How can I fix this noise? One curious thing is I actually have 2 of this fan model adquired the same time, one for intake, one for exhaust the...