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  1. SprigWave

    Question Can't boot into windows.

    So I had turned on my pc and it took a few minutes to boot so I decided to hold the power button to shut it off forcefully. I boot it up again and I get this error message "Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key" I have a Samsung 970...
  2. A

    Question M.2 suddenly not booting

    Hello guys I have samsung evo 970 m. 2 drive I addition to 2x 2b sshd firecuda Every thing was fine and working perfectly One of my sshds died and i replaced it with newer one After removing dead sshd and connecting new sshd sys not booting Keep redirecting me to bios over and over...
  3. Ryz3301

    [SOLVED] What m. 2 type does my motherboard use

    I'm buying the Asrock B365m-Pro4 and i don't know what type of m.2 does my motherboard use since i'm also thinking of buying an nvme m.2 ssd
  4. B

    Question My ssd just stopped working but it works .

    My m.2 ssd(crucial mx500) just randomly one morning stops working so I try a CMOS reset and it goes back to normal until I start getting bsod a few mins after the ordeal rebooting a couple of time fixed the pc but a few hours later it completely broke down and the bios won't even detect my ssd...
  5. J

    Question Nvme drive, not dected In bios.

    Firstly I'm a total novice regarding these matters so I apologise before hand if my post is light on technical details. I recently bought a new computer and decided to build it myself. One area of the build which I've struggled with is getting the m. 2 nvme drive to dected in bios and windows...