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    Question Why does my m.2 970 Pro take so long to finish booting Windows?

    So, my computer specs are as follows: I9-9900k ROG Maximus XI Formula 970 Pro m.2 SSD - Boot (GPT Partition) 860 Pro SSD - Back up (GPT Partition) 2080TI FTW3 32Gigs G.Skill 3200 TridentZ Yes i have a good number of start up programs, however, ive noticed that the boot time is around...
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    Will my coolder master 460 psu work with gtx 960 4gb version

    I have a coolermaster 460 psu and a gtx 960 windforce 4gb version.my other pc specs are an Intel i5 clocked at 2.7 ghz a 1tb hardrive 8gb ram.i was only able to plug it in using one of the rails because it was the only one that had the 2 cords I needed please respond ASAP and tell me if it will...