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    Question How to connect PCI soundcard to HP Elitebook

    Hello, My old Dell T3400 is starting to grind to a halt. Unfortunately it is the PC I use for home recording and was wondering if I might be able to use the sound card externally on my HP laptop? It doesn't have to be a fancy casing, it's more the adapter that I am looking to find. When I...
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    [SOLVED] While i game pc black screens

    My pc turns black screen after gaming for a bit and wont shut off or restart unless i pull the plug or flip the switch on the psu. My build is a b350 f gaming, ryzen 5 2600, gtx 1070 armor, corsair vengeance 3000mhz, and a 600w smart therlmaltake psu. No oc everything stock settings except fan...
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    Entire PC is stuttering, even on desktop

    I've had this problem for awhile, where absolutely no matter what my PC stutters every coupe of seconds. Even on the desktop, when I move my cursor back and forth, I can see it freeze every couple of seconds. I didn't have this problem when I first built my PC, which was a couple years back. So...
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    Power supply noise

    Specs: I5-8600k Gtx 1070ti MSI z370 gaming plus Corsair vs650 I built this pc about 2 months ago and now all of a sudden the power supply is marking a sound as if there was a wire hitting the fan, a weird whirring noise I opened the psu slot and found nothing wrong put it back and boom the...
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    RX 470 troubles, artifacts and crashing, stock not modded

    Hello all, i recently upgraded from a Readon HD7700 1GB card, to a Power Color RX 470 4GBD5-3DHDV2/OC. and well i'm less than impressed so far, I did manage to get it to run one or two games some what stable, basically it will load a game or it will artifact and crash, and just trying to find...
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    Ryzen 7 2700U and Ryzen 5 2500U

    I read a lot of good things about these cpu, i was wondering if they are going to be available as descktop cpu, i would love to build a mini itx pc with them.
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    Is this good

    a 4k display is good mixed with a 4.2ghz and dual 1080 ps isnt it?
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    fan up or fan down?

    So.. Im buying a evga 600w PSU,and I have a case where the psu mount location is on top,usually leaving the vent of the psu facing inside the case,is this okay? or when installing the new evga psu I should put the vent facing up, to the "upper wall"? I cannot change my case right now
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    Old and new ram fail memtest86+ at the same test and similar address.

    Hi all. I built a custom pc recently and encountered problem after a few days of use. Now windows installation would hang up at the logo and never proceed. Technicians have suggested RAM test so I ran memtest86+ on my RAM, which is 4-5 days old, and indeed there were errors associated with test...
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    How much can i overclock my GTX 1050 OC?

    I want to overclock my graphics card but when i go to afterburner i can set it to 1000+ core and memory clock. I did once and my screen went grey so i restarted my pc and haven't done it since then. How much should i overclock it and whats the max? I got the MSI OC Dual Fan edition.
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    Can you name some USB 2 front header case that are compatible with the Cryorig H7?

    I have a Gigabyte Ga z68ma d2h b3 motherboard and it supports only usb 2 headers! i need some help finding a case compatible with my cpu cooler and with usb 2 headers. Thanks!
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    Hyper X ram questio

    I have an old 2nd Generation Motherboard ECS h61h2 m12 v.1 and a 2nd generation i3 processor I have the 2016 Hyper X ram 8gb model will it work?
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    2 identical ssd's for os and games

    I currently own two samsung 512gb Nvme ssd's which both currently have windows 10 on them as well. I've been out of the hardware game for far far too long and know practically nothing about these bad boys. I just bought a ROG752 OC edition gaming laptop and want to use these ssd's and from what...
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    Casalemedia Threat Detected

    On some of pages I open as of probably 2 or 3 days ago (on websites like imgur and futhead, for example) I keep getting a threat detected from ae.casalemedia.com and it says the infection is JS:lframe=EWH (or EWG) [Trj]. Is this actually a threat or is it nothing to worry about? If it is a...
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    New Pc Issues

    I Recently Built my first pc. I finally got it to work but its terribly slow, and 100% of disc write speed spikes happen alot, and the scrren will flash black when i try to do certain things. Here are the parts, please help me I'd love to get this working well. http://pcpartpicker.com/list/RDdw3F
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    i5 - 6500 with g1 1070: Will this run a 1440 monitor at 144hz ok?

    I have an i5 - 6500 with a g1 gtx 1070: Will this run a 1440 monitor at 144hz ok? Also my 1070 set in oc mode clocks at 2025mhz (about 200 higher than settings say it should perform at) does this mean I have won the lottery with my GPU? Thanks for your help oh wise ones!
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    Whea_uncorrectable_error on Windows 10?

    This is a PC that i built a few months ago in the summer. It worked well for 2ish months until I began having problems with the SSD. Something happened and the BIOS was no longer detecting the SSD, so I sent it back for warranty and Samsung sent me a new one. I installed the new SSD a couple...
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    No internet on start up

    Hello guys i have a problem whit my internet. For the last 2 weeks now i have a problem whit my internet. On startup when the cable is pluged in it does not connect to the internet. Then i have to unplug the cable put it in again and do that like 5 times then i have internet. Nobody else got...
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    Which graphics card for my Gaming Build @ 1080p?

    Hi Guys, After a long time here in the forum. Just wanted to know as I'm confused. This is my build i5 -4590 H97 plus Motherboard Gskill 2 x 4 1600 RAM 1 TB HDD Windows 10 x64 pro I want to buy a good graphics card which will max out almost all games at 1080p I have few in my mind like...
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    need help in choosing upgrade of processor

    I have a INTEL D945GCNL , intel core 2 duo e4500 and planning to upgrading of processor does CORE 2 QUAD is supported by my mobo? if not which is the best processor for my mobo please help at the quickest please giv me a link of buying of best processor for my mobo