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    Question VGA Light, no post with GPU installed

    So I recently managed to find a good deal on the i7 11700 and I've since upgraded from my R5 1600 to it. I've had my system for 2 years now with 0 problems. I know all of the hardware works for sure except for the new motherboard, I've heard that there can be semi-frequent duds. So far I've...
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    [SOLVED] Why does all 4 of my GPU PCIe slots on my Z390 Godlike Motherboard recognize my RTX 3090, except for lane slot # 1?

    Hello all, This is my Z390 Motherboard: https://www.newegg.com/p/N82E16813144209 My ultimate goal is to fit 3 RTX 3090s on this Z390 Godlike motherboard for mining: Today I tried an experiment. I have listed the PCI-E lanes numbers in the picture below for reference: View...