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    Question Multiple monitors to multiple computers

    I have 3 monitors connected to my gaming pc, one uses hdmi and runs at 120hz the next uses dvi and and runs at 144hz and the third uses display port and runs at 240hz. I recently got a macbook pro with 2 USB-c slots. I'd like to be able to use all 3 monitors with both systems. Is there a...
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    Question Hard Drive full after deleting files on 2014 MacBook Pro ?

    My mom has a 2014 Mac Book Pro, currently running High Sierra 10.13.6 with a 250 GB HDD. We're trying to clear some space, which was at around 244 GB used. So far, we've 'removed' about 100 GB of files (iTunes library, mostly). However, the used space is still at around 244 GB. We tried using...
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    [SOLVED] Which setup is faster for offloading data cards?

    I am doing some research for offloading data from camera cards that each hold up to 1TB of data, via a USB C card reader. The backup will be controlled via software that can control the backup to read from the card reader and write to external 2 drives simultaneously (external drives, powered...
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    [SOLVED] How can I download an Origin PC game (Battlefield V) on a Mac?

    Is there a way to download an Origin PC game on a mac? I've downloaded Origin for Mac but I can't download Battlefield V because it's only available for Windows. Thanks in advance.
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    Hello, i have a mac book with an i7 (4 x 2.66 ghz) and 8gb of ram. I put windows 7 on the computer and used the latest bootcamp drivers. I dont have the typical issues as other people, my sound works and my graphics driver doesnt crash. The only issues i experience is when playing the sims 4...
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    Internet DC during graphic intense incidents

    Lately I have been getting disconnected from the internet while I am either browsing the internet, playing graphic intense games online, or watching a stream such as Games include things like League of Legends, MMOs, Player Unknown Battlegrounds, etc. The issue just all of a...
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    XFX Radeon 470 4gb or better?

    Basically I want to check the differences between the Xfx radeon 470 4gigs and xfx radeon 480 8gigs. What's the difference of 4 and 8 gigs? And is there any better card for my rig around 300 euros? Case: Corsair Carbide Series 100R or 88R (still looking for the case) CPU: i5 6400 Motheboard...
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    The screen splits to six price's

    When I open my computer the screen splits to six price's and strange blue and black lines appears Can someone please tell me what to do