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  1. theRTT

    [SOLVED] How can I download an Origin PC game (Battlefield V) on a Mac?

    Is there a way to download an Origin PC game on a mac? I've downloaded Origin for Mac but I can't download Battlefield V because it's only available for Windows. Thanks in advance.
  2. W


    Hello, i have a mac book with an i7 (4 x 2.66 ghz) and 8gb of ram. I put windows 7 on the computer and used the latest bootcamp drivers. I dont have the typical issues as other people, my sound works and my graphics driver doesnt crash. The only issues i experience is when playing the sims 4...
  3. C

    Internet DC during graphic intense incidents

    Lately I have been getting disconnected from the internet while I am either browsing the internet, playing graphic intense games online, or watching a stream such as Games include things like League of Legends, MMOs, Player Unknown Battlegrounds, etc. The issue just all of a...
  4. V

    XFX Radeon 470 4gb or better?

    Basically I want to check the differences between the Xfx radeon 470 4gigs and xfx radeon 480 8gigs. What's the difference of 4 and 8 gigs? And is there any better card for my rig around 300 euros? Case: Corsair Carbide Series 100R or 88R (still looking for the case) CPU: i5 6400 Motheboard...
  5. M

    The screen splits to six price's

    When I open my computer the screen splits to six price's and strange blue and black lines appears Can someone please tell me what to do