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    [SOLVED] Hackintosh Help

    Hi, i can someone help me with installing mac OS Mojave on my HP ENVY - 15-as102na? I have an imac to use for setting up my usb & installing MacOS Mojave.There are various kext files etc that i'm not sure about and need some help as some are hardware specific. I tried previously but got stuck on...
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    Question upgrading mac osx

    i want to upgrade my mac osx to the latest version. in the app store it says i need a 10.8 or later but i have 10.7, how do i make the upgrade? is there a way that i can keep the look and theme of my desktop with out having all the icons with that cartoon look?
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    Tablet display turns off

    Click tablet turns itself off after about one minute of no use
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    What is Total Available Graphics memory??And can i use it?

    I went to my DXDIAG and saw Total Available graphics memory as 4045mb i think But then i went to nvidia control panel and saw dedicated VRAM as 2054mb(im not sure of the exact value) My question what does total available graphics mean?? Does tht mean i can use 4gb?