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    Question Showing 120hz but monitor is 240hz

    I just purchased a monitor with 240hz refresh rate. I'm not a gamer and am trying it out to see if it helps with migraines from too much screen time. I'm not particularly tech savvy. I just set it up, but it says it's at 120hz. When I go to Display Preferences on my MacBook, the refresh rate...
  2. S

    [SOLVED] 2020 Macbook Air or 2020 Macbook Pro 13'?

    Hi, I am debating between buying the 2020 Macbook Air with the quad-core I5 and 16GB of RAM or to wait for the 2020 MacBook Pro 13'. I don't plan on doing anything too intensive on them other than browsing the web, Netflix, etc. However, I would like the option of using things like photoshop if...
  3. T

    Question Macbook Air model A1466 won't boot up

    My macbook air model a1466 recently displayed a warning telling me to replace the battery. It then went on to shut down and never boot up since (no startup chime or anything on screen). I then replaced the battery, but it still won't boot up, i tried resetting the SCM successfully, but that...
  4. A

    Question Origin - Mac issues

    Not sure if this is the right place - it's gaming but mac! Sorry if not. My OH plays stuff like Sims, SimCity via origin on her macbook air. Periodically, the game just refuses to load. We hit play, the origin software minimizes, then a few seconds later it pops back up as if nothing happened...
  5. N

    What is a better choice to buy? [Mac]

    Hi, I would like to know, which one of these Macbooks is a better choice to buy. Either Apple MacBook Air 13,3 (2017) or Apple MacBook Pro Retina 13,3 (2014) The Air is newer but I would say worse than the Pro. I don't have any experience with Mac yet, so I don't know what to expect. This...
  6. PureHuman8959

    Question Customized chassis for Macbook Air

    Is it possible to buy or make a customized chassis for my Macbook Air 2014? The CPU inside is fast but it get throttled and its fan gets too loud. Thanks!!
  7. LordVile

    MacBook Air vs Surface laptop 2

    Thinking about getting a laptop for light work paired with a desktop for gaming etc. So want a lightweight but capable machine. Would be looking at the bottom spec for either, I am prepared to learn MacOS and I do have an iPhone + Apple Music which are obviously pluses for the MacBook...
  8. A

    Question Used laptop in 2019: Macbook vs Windows

    Hi, I want to buy a laptop as my secondary PC. My budget is around 25k-30k INR. After spending some time in research, surely choosing a right Laptop is not as easy as picking parts for desktop. So, I could use some help. My requirement for this as my secondary PC are: small/lightweight, decent...
  9. A

    Can speak through headphones but not microphone

    I recently built a PC and bought the Corsair HS50 Stereo Gaming Headset - Carbon, but the detachable mic doesn't work, i have to speak into the headphone part (the part that the sound comes out of) for my friends to hear me. I really need a solution quick Thanks
  10. A

    Windows 8.1 Pro price

    I have a copy of windows 8.1 professional (OEM 64bit disc) and i want to get windows 10. How much could i sell the 8.1 for? (The disc with 8.1 is brand new sealed.)
  11. I

    Dual graphics card

    Hi ppl Im new to this and i just got my first budget build and it's: Cpu: i7-7700k @stock MOBO: GIGABYTE Z270 K3 GPU: 750Ti So my mobo says that it supports 2 way gpu those that mean i have to have sli for it to work and if not can i just buy one more 750ti and use it for recording game play...
  12. M

    Regarding the My Passport WD Drives

    Ok, so here is the deal. I want to buy a portable drive for backup. Though, the problem is, I researched too much. I found out that plenty of the WD drives have the USB port soldered on the board instead of having a Sata->USB adapter. I have checked the dismantling of the My Passport drives on...
  13. waffleisback

    Will these motherboards mounting holes line up?

    I was wondering if these two motherboards mounting holes will line up. Motherboard 1 Motherboard 2 Thanks.
  14. A

    Solution of Graphic card Guide

    i am buying a new graphic card gtx 1070 but i am confused to buying the gtx 1070. many peoples say's buy a Zotac gtx 1070 amp extreme edition someone asus strix someone gigabyte extreme. help me which is the best for me. zotac extreme, asus strix oc Or gigabyte extreme.
  15. AnsonPoon

    GTX 780 Graphic card does not work, Fan spins 100%! NEED HELP:(

    Hi everyone, I recently ran into an issue. I have a Galaxy GTX 780 HOF for about 3 years, when I was using my computer yesterday, the monitor suddenly went black. I found out that its the GTX 780 that can not output. The intergraded GPU works. Here are what I have tried to solve the problem...
  16. M

    How much is my gaming laptop worth to sell?

    Hi all, I have a Clevo Horoze P150SM laptop I bought just under 18 months ago and was wondering what the best way to sell it would be and how much it might be worth. My reason for this is that I'm looking to replace it with a desktop. Specs are as follows: 780m GPU i7-4700MQ 2.4GB 8GB RAM...
  17. Thouroboros

    Irritating issue with Windows 8.1

    This is a really small issue, but it annoys the heck out of me. My WiFi notification on the taskbar displays "Limited" all the time, even though I do have internet connection. Any fixes for this issue? Thanks Using Windows 8.1
  18. B

    cpu and gpu temp monitoring

    is any good program to monitor the cpu,gpu and mobo temp while gaming or casual or idle system use thanks in advance
  19. P

    Problems booting up my computer

    I recently bought a new mobo (Z97-A) and as well as a new CPU (i7 4790k 4.0GHz). I installed all the drivers for the mobo and stuff and lately I've been having problems resuming windows from sleep mode. Sometimes my monitor says No Signal then Digital Input and again no signal until it finally...
  20. kyotokid

    Needing to upgrade from Win7 Home Premium to 7Pro

    ...Looking to upgrade the memory in my graphics workstation from 12GB to 24GB. The one "rub" is I need to also update my Win7 from Home Premium to Pro as Premium only supports up to 16GB. Microsoft has pretty much stopped selling Win7 in any form so the online "Anytime Upgrade" path is rather...