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  1. K

    MSI B350M Gaming Pro Underclocking CPU on reboot.

    So recently, I have noticed that upon reboot (turning completely off, then turning on, ei. every night) my overclock not only resets, but underclocks. It will underclock usually to 1.55 gHz. My overclock was tested and stable. I am running a Ryzen 3 1200 @ 3.8 gHz with a voltage of 1.2875...
  2. N

    New unboxed pc died

    Hello, I've recently bought an ibuypower am900z computer. System worked fantastic while it lasted. After 10 hours of usage it froze. Upon restarting it, it stopped reading the SSD which had windows 10. I wasnt sure what was going on so i restarted it again, hoping it would return to normal...
  3. Madscream

    Problems setting up two APs as the same network.

    Hello. I have a problem setting up my two APs as one wifi network. They are different channels, same ssid and same password. The thing I can think of: Is one of the problem is the security mode. One of the APs (D-link dir 842) only has WEP and WPA as security modes. AP2 has Open, Shared...
  4. G

    Sonos and Bose Smart Speakers Can Be Hacked (Report)

    A security flaw could leave your Sonos speakers open to hacking, a new report claims. Sonos and Bose Smart Speakers Can Be Hacked (Report) : Read more
  5. I

    Dual graphics card

    Hi ppl Im new to this and i just got my first budget build and it's: Cpu: i7-7700k @stock MOBO: GIGABYTE Z270 K3 GPU: 750Ti So my mobo says that it supports 2 way gpu those that mean i have to have sli for it to work and if not can i just buy one more 750ti and use it for recording game play...
  6. S

    New unit FX6300 bottle necking GTX1060 3gb but OLD CPU working fine

    I have two FX6300. Old CPU was working fine with graphics card. When i changed to new unit it started heavily bottle necking. I don't understand why? Is New CPU unit faulty? or any clue how to tackle this situation? MSI 970 Gaming Motherboard 8GB corsair 1866 Ram(Single channel) Gigabyte GTX...
  7. K

    Please Help Me, 9mo old streaming Pc overheating & I’m at a dead end!

    I had a guy build a streaming PC for me about 9mo ago. I had no experience with the 8th gen systems & didn’t have time to learn. It has - I7 6700 CPU 4.00 GHZ Asus Z170 Deluxe Mb 16G Ram Corsair water cooler - Approximately 3 days ago my pc started overheating and shutting off. My 1st reaction...
  8. G

    Native resolution not detected in old Dell computer with Win10

    SYSTEM: Dell computer (7+ years old) running Windows 10 Home New HP LED monitor with upgraded drivers Windows 10 is using the wrong resolution (display is "stretched" horizontally) in this old Dell PC. There are three resolutions available, but the one the monitor recommends is not one of them...
  9. J

    help! Is this a good oculus rift build. I'm trying to do this on a budget anything you'd change or will this even work?
  10. F

    HP OfficeJet V40 is spinning and not always carrying paper through.

    I have an old printer that will work if I fill it all the way with paper and use thick paper. But otherwise, it will lead to a "paper jam". Not really a paper jam but the paper stays back and the carriage makes an ugly noise and can be heard spinning. Is there one or two parts I might try to...
  11. S

    smart gesture/touchpad error

    I Have already installed win7 on my asus x540s from win 10 but my touch pad or smart gesture wont work, please help me
  12. A

    My computer automatically restarts when playing demanding games. Help!

    Hello! I have an issue with my computer and would appreciate some advice on how to deal with it. When I play games such as Rocket league, h1z1, pubg etc my computer automatically restarts (the screen just turns black and restarts). This doesn't happen when I play games such as League of legends...
  13. V

    help needed asap

    I don't know if my components will work all together, I'm creating my first pc and the core I choose already have a integratd gpu. my specs are AMD a8-9600 MSI b350 pro vd plus atx atm 4 motherboard Seagate 500gb storage power supply-450w 80+ bronze atx Microsoft window 7 64 bit wifi adapter tl...
  14. O

    Ryzen 7 System Stuttering Horribly

    Hello all, been a lurker on this site for a long time but I finally decided to make an account because I am at my wits end with my system. I just recently upgraded my motherboard, CPU, and Memory from an AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE, Asus M4A79XTD-Evo Mobo, and 14GB of 1600MHz DDR3 memory (8GB Team...
  15. S

    How do i open a cpu fan that has no removable gummy part?

    So I' ve got this CPU fan (everflow, DC 12V, 0.40APM. The fan got really noisy lately so i decided to clean it and lub it but it has no removable protection on the back to separate the fan from its base. I was wondering if there is a way around that.
  16. M

    Connect a CD player to an old Sony mini component system with broken CD player

    Old Sony mini component system with CD player broken.... currently connected to a vcr, tv, cable box, and DVD player...need to connect a new 3 disc CD player
  17. C

    videos "powered by jwplayer" will not load

    Hi everyone, I apologize if this ends up in the wrong forum. Wasn't sure how to find the right place. And thanks in advance for your help. There is a website I want to use (vidzi) but all the videos are "powered by jwplayer" and I can't get them to load. The twirly thing just goes and goes - for...
  18. R

    Should I swap my motherboard? (Asus rampage ii extreme)

    There's a Asus rampage ii extreme motherbord + intel i7 920. going for $100 off a friend but currently I have the 78lmt-usb3 with AMD Fx 6300 processor. Is this worth buying? Or will I have to buy a new processor with it to be decent?
  19. Y

    Enough to stream league of legends and overwatch?

    Hi, i am planing to stream league of legends and overwatch, is this enough to do it? Cpu: intel i7-2600 Ram: 4gb Gpu: Gt 1030 windows 7
  20. marymayuga

    hello. please someone help me iTek LIQUI 120mmliquid cooling is enoug for my i7 7700k

    iTek LIQUI 120mm liquid cooling will be enough to handle my intel I7 7700K?? coz i don't have money to buy a decent cool like 240mm radiator. this is my cooler