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  1. Owen_34

    Question MacOS Compatibility With HD 7000 Series Cards

    Im adding an eGPU to my Mac mini server, and Im just curious about if I could use a card I have lying around or not. I bought an HD 7790 from eBay, and I see on elitemacx86 it says its compatible across the board from High Sierra to the latest version. But, on the opencore GPU buyers guide, it...
  2. Nanong1505

    Question Issues while installing Catalia Patcher from dosdude1

    How to fix my issues,I am on my last step on installing the catalina patcher but it comes with and error that says "macos cant be installed to your mac" and mentions running a diagnostic What is the possible reason and solution for this? Anyone?
  3. L

    [SOLVED] Run Windows 10 from USB Drive on Macbook Pro

    I have an old MBP with 128 SSD. And the free space is only a few GB left so it is unable to create a virtual machine or dual boot with Boot Camp. Is it possible to run Windows 10 Mac from en external USB drive?
  4. A

    [SOLVED] Can't update to Catalina because of lack of space

    I am trying to update a work computer to Catalina from High Sierra. However, the the system is telling me I still need 1.5 GB of space out of 30GB and I have cleared everything except for 500 MB of applications (470 MB of which is Chrome) and 18 GB of system files. My trash is cleared, temp...
  5. meeceit

    [SOLVED] Cannot Connect to WiFi on my Macbook Pro Retina Earl 2013, Running OSX Catalina 10.15.4

    All of a sudden, I have lost connection to my wifi. When I try to connect, it tells me a WPA2 password is required. I have checked to make sure the password is correct in keychain, on both laptops. I have noticed that when I restart the Mac, as soon as it starts back up and I look in the top...