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  1. N

    Question 2014~ Macbook Pro Randomly Shuts Down, but ONLY in OSX

    My macbook has had an issue when I boot into OSX where it will randomly shut off from 1 ~ 5 minutes and is random every time. I tried taking it into the apple store to be fixed but they had no idea what the issue could be and suggested I factory reset it to fix it. I did this and it did not...
  2. ethan206

    [SOLVED] Remove Display from 2008 Macbook Pro (Unibody)

    I have a old Late 2008 MacBook Pro (unibody) and the internal display doesn't work so I plugged it into a monitor and it works fine. However, I was wondering can I just remove the internal display then? LIke disconnect the cable to the motherboard and remove the entire top cover of the laptop? I...