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  1. m.riley04

    Question MSI MAG b550m Mortar (with WiFi) motherboard not showing display after bios flash

    Hello. I went on a trip over the weekend and shut my computer off. It was working perfectly, but when I got back, I tried to boot it and the EZ Debug “CPU” led was lit. After checking the CPU, the CMOS battery (replacing it, even), etc, I decided to flash the bios. Once I did, the light went off...
  2. G


    Hi all so I got my my build “done” a week or so ago and although the computer turns on and the boot up sequence looks good I’ve got one concern and it’s a red light right by JUSB4 connector, I looked in the manual with no clear idea as to why it’s red but I did notice that if I allow it to go to...
  3. RAIDGoblin

    [SOLVED] Are magnetic LED strips safe for my build?

    I've got two of these: on the packaging they give a warning: “To avoid system instability and possible data loss Do Not attach these magnetic LED strips directly to DRAM, SSD's or HDD's” I've only seen this after I bought them, otherwise I would have gone for the non magnetic kind and...
  4. Sohayb.saleh

    Question MAG Innovision monitor keypad locked

    Hello everyone, I've got my MAG monitor locked and I can't unlock it. I tried ths 15 secs menu hold but it didn't work. Is there a different way for the MAG?? Thanks in advance