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Forum discussion tagged with mag241c.
  1. D

    Question Why can't I set my new 144hz monitor to 144hz on the pc?

    I purchased a new gaming monitor named MSI Optix MAG421C which offers 144hz. My issue is I'm only getting 60hz max from it. I'm connecting it to my PC with the HDMI cable that came with the product, it came with only HDMI and USB cables, no Display Port cable. When I press the joystick at the...
  2. Andyus86

    Question Msi mag241c or aoc g2590px

    Hello, tomorrow i will buy 1 of these monitors and I'm very undecided. They are both used and in the same good condition, final price is the same. I play mostly LoL, portal 2,some rts, platform and old school fps, sometimes apex. In want to know if possibile which one today had the best value...
  3. chesterwchanco

    Question MSI MAG241C Optix - Want to save fastest as my default response time

    Hello, I just want to keep my settings so that I don't change it every time I turn on my PC. It keeps on getting back to fast not the fastest in response time. Anyone know how to do it? I already try these method: • plug and unplug Display Port cable still the same. • reset the settings still...