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    Question what can cause a collapse in USB voltage?

    Hi everyone! I have a Gigabyte GA-Z170X-Gaming 7 mainboard with a Corsair RM750i power supply. I was noticing the other day that my USB devices disconnect at random so I investigated a bit further. I measured the voltage at any given USB port which is 5.06V. However, when I'd connect a load (I...
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    Question Z77A-GD65 Can't boot

    hi my MSi Z77A-GD65 gives me every time i what to boot the error codes 4f 55 19 03 i tried to boot withe only 1 Ram stick on all slots i checked the CPU pins i pressed the CMOD button i replaced the BIOS Battery i tried 16 and 4 Gig ram i booted on min seatings --> only CPU 1 RAM and PSU...
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    Question ASUS Motherboard Upgrade

    Hey guys, I have an ASUS Vivobook Max X541UV with the i7-6500u CPU. My motherboard (60NB0CG0-MB3011) has an issue due to water damage and so I'm planning on getting a new/used one. I'm thinking of the i7-7500u. I'm just not sure if it is compatible. How do I check that BEFORE investing. Any...