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    Question MSI B450I GP has EZ Debug VGA LED

    Hello, I have a problem with my Motherboard and my new case. I have the MSI B450I Gaming Plus AC and just got myself a Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ITX. I tested the mobo before in my old big atx case (it fitted) and it worked like it should. Then my new case arrived and I installed it. After I...
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    Question Pc doesn't boot, won't let me enter BIOS

    Hey! My PC is stuck on the boot and only displays the mainboard logo and keybind for bios but I can't enter the BIOS settings - if I press the key for it it doesn't react at first and if I press it several times my PC just beeps at any keypress after that Already tried to remove ssd, hdd...
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    Question RAM Slots not working anymore

    First of all I'd like to excuse my english, hope you will understand everything, if not please ask for clarification! I've had a problem for a long time and now I'm finally trying to solve it. My PC always ran with my 2x 4GB of RAM in the dual channel (A1 & B1) and everything is compatible...
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    [SOLVED] Gaming Keyboard Keeps Connecting And Disconnecting

    So I recently got myself a gaming keyboard, a Redragon vajra s101, and once I plugged it into my computer, it appeared as if it were working (lights on the keyboard would be on), but it kept connecting and disconnecting constantly. I could still type on it, but I could only do it for about half...