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  1. T

    What should my Intel 3770k Core Temps be? Im getting about 45c on Idle, is this high? If it is would replacing thermal paste be a good place to start? them maybe a new cooler? it has stock cooler but I do not overclock
  2. F

    Gaming build on a budget, please help!

    So, I'm planning on getting a custom built pc this summer (in maybe 1-2 months). The thing is, I have a budget of around 1300€ (that must include windows 10 and a decent monitor (at least 21' 1080p) for gaming. So that leaves me with about 1000-1050€ for the actual computer. I have picked a...
  3. S

    2 video cards

    My pc has 2 video cards:Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600.NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970from some reason it seems like the nvidia card doesn't work at all. when I try to run games like FarCry 4 or assassin's Creed Syndicate the FPS is 15. what is the problem and how do I solve it?
  4. S

    toshiba satellite C655D-S5126: Keyboard not working

    Hello Guys! I've got a toshiba satellite C655D-S5126 laptop and problem with it's keyboard. I have already updated all the drivers and installed all the windwos update, but the problem is still on. A couple of keys are not working: q, v, comma, j, g, d, s, caps lock, x, c, v, m, point, quote...
  5. L

    Feedback on mid-level PC build

    Hi guys! I'm looking to build a new system, as my old got stolen during a LAN last weekend. Please give me feedback and/or improvements. There is a bit of room left in the budget, but I think below build as a good money for value. CPU: AMD fx 8350 CPU cooler: CM hyper 212 evo Mobo: MSI...
  6. A

    i7 4790K Are these idle and load temperatures safe?

    I have setup a new i7 4790K build last week. Today I decided to run some stress test on it to see how hot it can get. Setup: CPU: i7 4790K - stock (no overclocking) Motherboard: Asus Maximus VII Hero (bios settings at optimized defaults) Cooler: Coolermaster Hyper T4 Thermal paste...
  7. H

    Gaming PC Build Help Any suggestions? improvements? I wouldn't want to go much higher in price but I can try to work around that.
  8. D

    what to do if components get too hot

    I was going to try some overclocking. My last thing to know is what to do if my cpu or gpu gets too hot. I'm going to be playing games and I have good cooling. Would I shut the pc down through windows or holding the power button? Or could I just take the load off and leave it idle?
  9. L

    Win 7 image in ide to new SSD in ahci ,will it work?

    I have a mother board that sata controller was set to ide initially with my old SSD and I made an image file of my win 7 64. I bought a new ssd and have set the BIOS to ahci mode. I want to restore the image file to the new drive and I was wondering if this might be an issue? Before I begin I...
  10. Alberto9324

    i got my gpu, now compability

    I ended up getting the 750ti here, i have it here with me, is it compatible with pci 16x or 2.0 ?????
  11. A

    windows doesn't recognise hdd but bios does!

    hi there, I had a notebook with some important files on its hard drive,its display just break so I opened it and get the hdd out of it and connect it to my computer using sata cable,at first windows came up and everything was fine,then I format a drive which label was "system reserved" by...
  12. C

    R9 290 DD blackscreen crashes with occasional BSOD

    I recently bought an xfx r9 290 card after upgrading from an nvidia card. For the first couple weeks after installing it everything was fine. Now I get frequent blackscreen crashes where my only option is to reboot the system.These crashes occur frequently in specific games like the new...
  13. W

    Can I reinstall Windows 7 on ssd at a later date?

    Hello everybody. I am a first time builder and I was wondering.. If I want to eventually get an ssd for my operating system (Windows 7 system builder) and programs, but funds are a little tight.. Could I just get the hdd for now and install everything on there, and when I get an ssd, reinstall...
  14. M

    which quad Cpu for this?

    I need quad cpu in good price for this mother For BF4 multiplayer and good games Mother:Gigabyte G41mT-S2P
  15. abeer72

    computer generating too much heat.

    Hello, greetings, Well this problem occurs every summer. whenever i use my pc it tries to cook me alive,it generates so much heat that i have to switch on the air conditioner even on a 20c day.I would like to know if buying a water cooler would do any good but i don't think that it will make a...
  16. S

    SSD Host Writes per day exploded

    I've a 256G SSD; in the first 13 months, CrystalDiskInfo reported total host writes of 1.4TByte or 3.5GByte/day. In the last 10 days, it accumulated 2.3TByte or 230 GByte/day. I'm not aware that my use pattern changed by any means. I've the Windows page and hibernation files on the drive, but...
  17. G

    I have installed my hard drive in to another computer that I purchased that had the hard drive removed, I am now getting a mes

    trouble with installing old hard drive in another computer
  18. U

    Cyber Ghost VPN

    Whenever i successfully connect via cyberghost my internet connection gets terminated. I have no internet connection once i am connected to Cyberghost.
  19. B

    how to check vram or vrm temperture on nvidia cards

    anyone knows a program for that? msi afterburner or zotac firestorm didnt show it ,wanna know cause ill be installing a kraken g10 to my 770 from zotac and i know the vram will heat up so wanna check the temps :)