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  1. T

    Question Maintaining a 13 yr old desktop

    Currently running a Dell Precision T7400 I got used for $200 a few years ago; has been working well since then aside from a few memory sticks burning out intermittently (most have been replaced; currently at 12Gb 6x2 DDR2). However, this rig hates losing power and tends to act up if booted...
  2. RathTB

    Question PC suddenly runs slow after a short while

    OK the only way I can explain what's happening is after a short while of the PC being on( the actual time frame is random could be an hour could be straight away or anywhere in between) the whole computer seems to lag but instead of things taking a while to happen it's just jumpy and game will...
  3. Yasser85

    [SOLVED] GPU fan

    Hello where i live there's no techy to help me fix anything with my pc so i've spent the last month searching for solutions, my problem is the gpu fans are - or seems to be - clogged it's a gigabyte geforce gtx 970 g1 windforce the fans will occasionally spin and when they stop i can give it...
  4. System32_76

    [SOLVED] Air Compressor Safe To Use For Cleaning PCs?

    Hello everyone, I'm wondering if it's ok to use an air compressor for cleaning out PCs? I know using vacuums have ESD risks and since I'll be constantly cleaning out PCs, I don't want to keep buying canned air all the time.
  5. A


    What equipment/s can I use to safely and properly clean my monitor?
  6. ItsZanoniBro

    Question General Advice - Potential Upgrade/Transfer

    Hey guys, first off - my current build is at the bottom of my story here. I appreciate everyone taking the time to read this. As you can probably tell from my lack of activity here, I'm THE casual of casual PC builders. I am coming up on the 5th year anniversary of my first build (of which...
  7. Zorozephyr09

    [SOLVED] Cleaning PC: Using Wet Wipes

    So I'm planning on giving my pc a relatively thorough cleaning in a couple of months, and I was wondering whether it would be okay to use isopropyl alcohol wet wipes during cleaning? I'm going to be using primarily compresssed air for getting rid of most of the dust and muck, but for the smaller...
  8. T

    [SOLVED] PC crashing mid-game and not booting

    Hi, I have recently had a number of issues with my PC which occurred after I had my PC delivered to my new house and it arrived in a not so great condition. The first problem is that my computer doesn't boot unless i lay the case on its side with the motherboard facing upwards. Even when on its...
  9. K

    Owc vs A-Tech

    I want to purchase A- tech Ram for iMac Mid 2010. So, which is the best between A-Tech and OWC.
  10. J

    Hardware problem detected, please help !

    Baaically I built my first PC today and everything was going great playing PUBG etc and then I decided to install the drivers for my Mother board off the official website and am not saying that’s the cause of the problem but since then I just get the BSOD after 10mins of starting my PC. I have...
  11. O

    CPU voltage SPIKES

    im using a i5 6600k OC to 4.5ghz in the bios i've set it to manual Voltage to 1.3 in CPU-Z it jumps around from stalk voltage to above what 1.3 volts (its hit 1.311 its getting more volts than what it needs) if i set it offset same results as well as adaptive no change i looked at other posts...
  12. S

    how can I fix the copy and paste problem on my lenovo 100s computer

    I cannot paste anything that I have copied
  13. M

    Do actually need a high end MOBO for gameing

    Do you actually need a high end motherboard for gameing, what is the difference of a gameing motherboard rather than having extra ramslots and wifi bluetooth connectivitys.
  14. A

    AMD A10 Laptop transformed into AMD FX?

    I have a laptop called ASUS X550ZE-XX033D and I bought it for around $481. The specs when bought are as follows: AMD A10-7400P APU (Base 2,5 GHz/Turbo 3,4 GHz) 10 Compute Cores 4CPU+6GPU 4GB @1600 MHz (Dual Channel) Windows 8.1 Pro x64 Radeon R7 M265DX 15.6 inch Display 1TB Hard Drive @5400RPM...
  15. S

    Coolest/good looking/backplate/good core clock AMD R9 390 (Non X)

    I know this question has been answered so so many times, but not enough for me to decide which r9 390 brand to go with. I want one that has decent cooling, has a good look, a backplate and an acceptable stock out-of-the box core clock and lastly, decent cooling. The backplate is important as...
  16. F

    Ram Compatibility Question

    Hey guys, I'm wondering if you can help please. I built a pc back in May using this ram here: Now I want to add an extra 8gb of ram and I'm wondering if this one will work with the one above, since they are slightly different...
  17. B

    weird lines, check the video please

    I see some weird lines when i move my mouse, and graphic is really bad, just look at trees in video, I don't know how to explain you just check the video from 0:58 - 1:30 graphic bad, weird lines, resolution moving, and i'm having lag...
  18. S

    Recommendations on upgrading my computer

    Hi all, I am looking at upgrading my computer and I wanted to take into account your possible recommendations! My build so far... Case - NZXT CA-PHATM-O2 Phantom Black, Orange Stripe (I plan on changing it to Corsair Graphite 760T) CPU - Intel Core i5 4670K, S 1150, Haswell, Quad Core...