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  1. B

    Question PC won’t boot up

    Hi everyone Over six months ago I built a new PC. The components were: GTX 1060 6 GB Intel Core i3 8100 Asus H310M-D and some other stuff It run without any problems. About two weeks ago I bought a new case. After installing every component I plugged it in and turned it on. The fans would...
  2. A

    Question PC Malfunction - Crashes and Random Pixels

    First off, I apologize if this is not the right forum to go to for help. I looked through all of the categories on this forum and since I suspect that this problem is being caused by the Graphics Card I figured that this was the best place to post it. A few days ago random pixels started...
  3. H

    Question External Keyboard malfunctioning when computer gets hot

    Hi! My keyboard is malfunctioning when my computer gets a little heated. USB ports feels a little bit warm and then my keyboard feels like disconnect itself. i have no clue what the problem is, i rather not buy a new keyboard. Never happened to any of my other keyboards so it must be some sort...
  4. A

    Question [MAJOR] Fix Potential Corrupted SSD; How to Revert The SATA Controller Back From RAID to AHCI

    --CONTEXT-- Greetings, everyone. So, over the past five weeks I've been dealing with a corrupted ssd after I unplugged the desktop from the power socket. I was getting impatient when the computer took longer than usual to boot up. Bad move, I know. I've been learning that the hard way. About...
  5. G

    Question Problems with Computer :(

    Hello everyone :D Grab a seat cause it might be a long one I hope that this is the right section for this post but as the title says I came across some problems this morning with my computer and I could use some help. So after a normal day of gaming yesterday I tried to open my computer today...
  6. D

    Question Laptop fans going very fast for no reason

    Hello, and thanks for opening this thread! Tonight my 1 year old laptop has started making very, very loud whirring sounds which seem to come from the fans. I am not 100% sure if the sound is caused by the fans (I am not a tech expert) but I am 99%, as it sounds too much different from HDD...
  7. GallopingGumdrops

    Question Msi stealth fan might still be broken, please help.

    Recently I had a major issue with my left fan of my Msi stealth pro Gs63vr. I took it to a local repair shop and the guy wasn't the best, he made me wait 3 weeks and told me it was a job I could have done myself. I burn water sir, I don't trust myself with opening up my pc. Anyways it now makes...
  8. L

    Question PC freezes at any time Help!

    My PC sometimes freezes at the start, sometimes freezes after many hours. I cleaned the pc. I installed a fresh new windows but i dont know what else to do. I did format the Disk C an its the same so please help
  9. A

    i5 7600k overclocking

    Hey guys, couple of questions! I am not a total rookie, but still could use a hand. Currently adding to the overclock on my cpu as I have recently gotten some games which are CPU throttling, My overclock is 5ghz currently with an AVX offset of 2. I am currently at bios 1.355 v for my...
  10. B

    Does my GTX 1070 Founder's Edition need a GPU brace?

    -Description of Problem I have a GTX 1070 Founder's edition GPU and I'm wondering if it would be absolutely necessary to install a brace. I've seen no signs of it sagging and sits firmly in the socket. However, is it still a good idea to buy a brace for it? I have an MSI B360 Intel Motherboard.
  11. A

    ASUS ROG GL552VX shuts down right after turning on.

    Hi guys, so my laptop ASUS ROG GL552VX is having a problem since quite long ago, which is the power button is broken, I need to spam the power button for a few minutes or even hours worst, like what happened earlier today. Actually I know this would happen so I never shut down my laptop and only...
  12. T

    need help with audio

    I have a logitech speaker system for my computer. but the cable that plugs in to the headphone jack has been stripped, with just the wires exposed. It did have a (diy) phone jack connecting to another headphone jack and was working fine but has come apart now before I could take a picture...
  13. Z

    DDR4 Ram 3200 (first pc)

    Please help i don't know what ram I should put in each slot. Motherboard: Ram:
  14. Crashman

    Corsair’s T1 Race Gaming Chair, Hands (And Back, And Butt) On

    Corsair introduced its premiere gaming chair earlier this week, and we took a seat. Corsair’s T1 Race Gaming Chair, Hands (And Back, And Butt) On : Read more
  15. M

    Is this a viable upgrade path?

    Hello all! Thanks for taking the time to read this. I'm looking to upgrade my desktop system to something better. I currently have an i5 6500, gtx 1070 strix and a asus z170-e mobo... I am thinking of swapping out the mobo and the CPU for better ones, I got the i7 7700k in mind and a asus strix...
  16. T

    Downloading windows 10 for my new pc

    So I am building a new gaming pc and bought windows 10 from newegg. But how will downloading windows 10 work if this pc already has windows 10? Do I just download windows 10 iso and put it into a usb, and windows will ask me for a serial code when I plug the usb drive in??
  17. R

    Memory Ram Compatibility

    I have Actually 2x4 hyperx fury 1866 mhz ram , can i put more 2x4 hyperx savage 1866 mhz with no problems ... my spec fx 8350 asrock extreme 970 ed.4 gtx 970 asus psu corsair 850 rmx gold . there max speed on the rams are 1866 . i only can make them 1666 mhz but i think the system is stable ...
  18. B

    i have a notebook that cant find drivers it scans for them but doesnt find them . i put in a windows 7 cd and it still says it

    notebook wont find drivers . I put in a windows 7 disc and it still say it cant find drivers
  19. Name4Game

    Can you buy windows 7 and get a free upgrade to windows 10?

    Been trying to wrap my head around this for a minute. Building my first PC and I want windows 10 but it costs almost 100, could it be possible to get windows 7 priced at 60 and get the free upgrade to windows 10?
  20. J

    OEM Windows XP

    I have a laptop with OEM XP windows installed. Due to some problem (Virus) the OS did not work properly anymore and I decided to reformat the entire hard disk and downloaded Windows XP retail version. Under the above condition, I am thinking using the product key available at the back of the...