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  1. Bravo_4869

    Question How to Get rid of Malware in an external Hard disk

    Hi, I have a WD external Hard disk (around 2TB I think) , that has been infected with a malware from Another laptop. The question is : 1. Is it possible to connect the hard drive to another laptop without infecting it? 2. How to get rid of the Malware without deleting the hard disk content Thanks
  2. zegwert

    Question How to do make a very deep verification and cleaning on the system?

    So, here is the thing: I just formatted my old computer and I feel like there must be some kind of malware hidden deeper bellow the system. The history: Some years ago, this PC got a very annoying virus from an unofficial streaming service. It installed a fake copy of Google Chrome that would...
  3. boltyfiut

    Question is that a malware/virus? if so, how to get rid of it??

    one day i needed some files from my old pc, and since these files weighted like 100GB i had to connect the hard drive from my older pc to my new on the thing is, my previous unit was really run down with viruses and malwares after i connected the hard drive, the pc started to act yiffy, with...
  4. K

    [SOLVED] HELP! Serious Undetectable Malware Infection

    Hello, I suspected there was a malware infection on my system after I found a weird process called "net-helper.exe" running. Rkill detected the process and terminated it. Malwarebytes pro couldn't detect it, and Sophos Hitman Pro also did not detect it. The service isn't a default windows...
  5. OoperDooper

    [SOLVED] These files show up in temp folder every startup and will suddenly disappear

    What are these? I recently just got attacked by ransomware and I removed most of the malware that got onto my pc, this is the only thing left that I don't know whether if it is windows creating them or the virus, these 2 .tmp files change its name every startup like G176AB.tmp or NBY143.tmp...
  6. jwill12154121

    [SOLVED] Formatting Virus Ridden Hard Drive

    I have an extremely old pc that I am trying to get to at least run minecraft. This pc also happened to get over 1000 detections on malwarebytes scan, including some form of malware that seems to put the computer to sleep when it is detected. I have windows 10 on my other machine, and am...
  7. Spiderkeys

    [SOLVED] Can malware disable/corrupt Windows Security ?

    The reason i'm asking I have relied on Windows Security Center as my own form of virus/malware protection since the release of Windows 10, and somehow I discovered I had a problem with it when I tried to add a folder into it's exclusion list, It wouldn't let me add anything. The ON/OFF Real...
  8. G

    [SOLVED] Is this site malicious?
  9. E

    [SOLVED] Malware?

    Malware? On my previous thread I shared some problems I had with my CPU Fx-8350 And I was told that the symptoms were Indicators of malware. 1 YouTube video started...
  10. K

    [SOLVED] Computer is super slow after suspected virus - Malwarebytes found 8 cases

    My computer has been really really slow and at times I cannot control it at all, cannot CTRL + ALT + DEL, move mouse (it actually disappears), or type. At times I get the error - the sign in process couldn't display security and sign in options. I got McAfee and ran scans, it found no viruses...
  11. W

    Question How do I get rid of serious malware?

    Hi, my accounts have been getting hacked into, and its been happening for awhile. Ill start from the beginning for everyone. One day, maybe February of last year, I was playing Battlefield 1 on my gaming computer. After a long night of playing, I went to bed and when i woke up in the morning I...
  12. J

    Question Chrome/Desktop Malware

    Hello Tom's hardware. Recently, I've arrived at a frustrating issue, that is mostly likely malware, and I cannot get rid of it for the life of me. I've done multitudes of anti malware scans, (malwerebytes, adwcleaner,cc cleaner, etc).. to no avail. It seemed to work before and , found a...
  13. R

    Question Help me build out my COD blackout rig please - currently getting dumpy FPS

    Getting slow FPS with my current rig, i5 4670K at stock speeds 16GB DDR3 ram GTX 1070 8GB 256GB Samsung SSD 2K 144HZ Gsync monitor Looking into Ryzen platform. I just want to be able to run blackout at above 120FPS stable at 2K 144HZ Current rig dips to 55FPS in certain situations. Highest...
  14. C

    Good 1080p monitor?

    I'm currrently about to buy myself the 970 SSC and decided to get a new monitor as well (since I'm using a TV as one atm) but need some help. Is there a good monitor that I can use for gamimg, costs around $100-$200, has 1080p, low response times (like 2ms), an HMDI port and that is generally...