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  1. mangaman

    [SOLVED] Avast False positive

    Avast did a scan and detected a false positive with some VM files. These files are snapshots of a windows machine in VMware, but avast says that these are a high threat. I scanned them with Malwarebytes and did a scan with hitman pro, and both did not detect anything unusual. They are .vmem...
  2. S

    black dots on the socket

    Does anyone know whats that 4 dots on the TR4 socket?
  3. G

    Monitor Suggestions! (1440p 120+Hz)

    Hey guys, so I'm sure a thread like this has possibly been made before, but I had a few extra twists that I wanted to see if they could be satisfied. So! First I will start of with my current build: Nvidia GTX 1080 i5 3470 Asrock z77 Extreme4 Motherboard Corsair Vengeance, 24GB DDR3 WD Caviar...
  4. S

    Am I better off with a better ranking dual core or lower ranking quad core on CPU benchmark for multitasking?

    What is better for multitasking, dual or quad core? I don't play games, no movies, don't care about high definition and if the screen is pretty. What I do care about: - Opening multiple tabs in browsers - Running simultaneously Illustrator, Photoshop, MS Office, and tons of programs at the...
  5. X

    I have an intergrated graphics card on my motherboard but I want to install a Gtx 750ti

    I recently found out that I have an integrated graphics card on my motherboard but my friend sent me a GTX 750ti so that I could run better games. My problem is that how will my computer know to run of the 750ti or the integrated one. (it's an all in one build from Best Buy) yes the 750ti is...
  6. Ichigo1554

    is the 650w enough for this build ?

    my pc build
  7. B

    50mbps avarage upload speed

    i'm getting 50mbps Mediacom wifi speed soon, I want to know the average upload speed it'll give me, I want to start making youtube videos and be able to make a minecraft server to play with my friends
  8. hayek2002

    (First Time Builder) PC Part Compatibility check!

    Need to know if I my PC parts are compatible. I read the compatibility notes but i'm still new to custom PC building so I came here to ask. My Part List: PCPartPicker part list: Price breakdown by merchant...
  9. EquineHero

    What's the difference between the GTX 460 and the GTX 460 SE?

    What's the difference between the GTX 460 and the GTX 460 SE? What does the SE stand for? It's not "special edition" because it's the worst performing out of all of the GTX 460 variants.
  10. pratyaksa

    AMD A8-6410 o rA6-6310 + R5-m330 dedicated graphics card?

    Hello there! Plz help me! I am planning to buy a laptop this month, and my choice is between these three: 1. One with A8-6410, 4GB of RAM, R5 integrated graphics (512MB). 2. A6-6310, 2GB of RAM, R5-m330 dedicated graphics (2GB I think) 3. this one is spec-ly inferior: A8-6410, 2GB of RAM...
  11. T

    Internet is Slow

    I just recently built a new gaming pc. It runs all my games really fast but when I try to access the Internet (google chrome) it is really slow and takes a long time to load the pages. Does anyone know why this happens?
  12. redzinter

    R9 390 Sapphire TRI-X temperature

    Is it normal for R9 390 Sapphire TRI-X to run on witcher 3 ultra setting on 60-70 C ? whats max temp that would be ok?
  13. T

    Low 850 EVO Performance

    I've done a bit of digging after running Samsung's benchmark and noticing a stark difference in my random read/write results compared to those of others (right around HALF the scores of many benchmarks I've seen). I decided to check its accuracy by another means, AS Benchmark. It runs just fine...
  14. N

    R9 380 PSU Cable help ?

    Hello, I have apparently ordered a wrong custom pcie cable for my r9 380; And i feel really stupid , so i don't want to screw this again. Which cable do i exactly order? I read...
  15. D

    Weird motherboard "damage" , what is that

    Today i saw something like this on my old motherboard , is it something important or no ? i mean motherboard will work fine or no ? i have no idea what is this
  16. J

    ASUS Strix R9 390X vs ASUS Strix 970?

    I will be playing games on 1080p and I will play games on ultra settings at 60fps. Also I don't want driver errors.
  17. huzaifah_1

    What Power Supply Shall I Use?

    i dont know what power supply to use, currently i am going to use: Intel core i7 5820k Extreme Asus Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 Strix Graphics Card MSI Intel Lga2011-3 X99S Seagate ST1000DM003 3.5 inch 1TB Barracuda Hard Drive HyperX Savage 8 GB RAM and some additional fans i am thinking of using...
  18. M

    Something Doesn't Seem right about my new 980 Ti

    Is there something wrong with my EVGA 980 Ti OC? Benchmarks: Fire strike 1.1: Unigine Heaven: 3D Graphics Mark: