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    [SOLVED] Memory Management BSOD after a while

    It's been like a month since I had one of these which I think was to do with dualshock drivers or something. But recently they have popped up again and happened like 3 times in the last 2 weeks. (I have not plugged the controller in and I am pretty sure the drivers were uninstalled.) I managed...
  2. R

    Question Lots of BSOD'S

    Today, I have gotten 3 BSOD'S alone. One I believe was to do with a netio.sys file which I think may be solved as I updated my ethernet drivers. But the other 2 and some earlier ones that I get throughout other days are all related to either "system service exception" or "memory management" and...
  3. J

    Question Access Point vs Extender & Best one for Triband Netgear Router

    Hi, I have several questions that I need help with. I have a Nighthawk TRI-Band R7900 router purchased at Costco June 2016. We have cat5 wiring throughout our house. So most everything that normally would using Wi-Fi like Roku's are all hooked up with Ethernet. Our house is a two story and the...
  4. R

    Question GPU not performing as it should

    I recently upgraded my GPU to a GTX 1070 8gb. When launching games like The Witcher 3 or Shadow of war, the fps stays around 60 and sometimes drops to mid 50's. Maybe I haven't set it up properly ? I have updated the drivers and all that. Not sure if it's bottlenecking, but my research found...
  5. K

    Question PC won't boot up..!?

    My PC is stuck at the BIOS settings. I tried removing the RAM, putting in a new CMOS and still it won't boot up..! The settings shows the Hdd so I guess there is no issue with that
  6. A

    Question Rx 580 1090 MHz base clock

    Hi guys, I recently bought a rx 580 8gb nitro+ and the base clocks through gpu z and the AMD control panel are showing as 1090 MHz, which seems really low. I have the latest drivers installed. Does anyone know the problem here? Do I have a fake card? It all looks totally legit but I bought...
  7. B

    Question Replacement for Asus P8Z77-pro

    The time has come, really don’t want to. But my gaming machine needs to upgrade. I would like to stay with ASUS because of the AI overclocking software that I like. What Asus board is the go to board for replacement of the popular p8z77? Upgrading because I’m making the move to the next gen...
  8. W

    Question 64bit win10 doesnt run 64bit games.(Some 64 bit games)

    I can run Smite on 32bit but cant run it on 64. I want to try Paladins as well but it doesnt let me choose which one to use. How can i fix this?
  9. N

    Question CPU AM2 Socket Half Broke

    My am2 cpu socket is half broken half of the side is broke in half but the half with the lever and everything is still there so im asking if i put my cpu in and it slides and locks into places will the sides with the plastic not there still work
  10. H

    Question Problems with the Wifi card in Windows 10

    1053/5000 Hello I hope you can help me with my problem, I have a Lenovo P50 with dual boot, Windows 10 and Manjaro Linux KDE. When Windows launched the Windows 10 Fall Update version, my WiFi connection was connected for about 2 seconds and it was constantly disconnected, I updated the drivers...
  11. M

    Help Me Decide

    So now I've gotten into the GoPro movie making addiction and have some things to decide. Since my current desktop PC is 3+ years old running Win7Pro64 using an i5-4590 @3.3GHz, 8gig non-ECC ram, NVIDIA Quadro 620 2gig, I'm not able to run and edit the HVEC H-265 encoded video. What I can do is...
  12. Andrei1744

    Question Can somenone help me find a compatible power supply .

    My motherboard is Asus EX-A320M-GAMING and I can't find a compatible power supply.Can someone help me please?😞😞
  13. B

    Upgrading CPU Do I need to change BIOS settings

    Upgrading from i5 7400 to i7 7700 with MSI bazooka B250m motherboard potentially, do I need to know anything to do this besides basic installation process or will I have to change settings in my computer any help would be greatly appreciated as I am clueless thank you GTX 1080 4x 4gb 4ddr ram...
  14. J

    Advice on a build.

    I'm helping my friend build a gaming system as he has no clue on pc building etc. His budget is £600 and will need an entire system and a monitor. For now I am sorting out the pc components and will aim for roughly £500-550, and he will buy a monitor if it goes over the budget. I haven't fully...
  15. A

    [SOLVED] Set Android as Cloud Server

    I have a 128 GB card in my android phone. Is there a way to set up my chromebook and PC to access my storage on my phone ? The reason (in case you're wondering) is that I usually use my phone. So I want local storage because it's easier faster and cheaper than uploading everything I make onto...
  16. M

    [SOLVED] Do the 2 TB 5400 rpm HDD perform faster than the 1 TB 5400 rpm HDDs(for laptops)?

    Hi all! I would like to know if the 2 TB 5400 rpm laptop HDDs perform faster than the 1 TB 5400 rpm HDDs? I mean this for laptop HDDs! And if they do perform fast,then how much ?As the 7200 rpm HDDs? Please tell me. Thanks to all in advance.
  17. C

    [SOLVED] Best Cpu for LGA 1150 Motherboard

    Hi, I've got an Asus H81m-e motherboard, I was wondering what would be the best CPU I could put on this for around £50. Thanks for your help.
  18. C

    Acer Nitro 5 Laptop w/second display Displayport/HDMI Cable

    Hi all! I have a Acer Nitro 5 and planned to use it as a desktop. The Acer has a HDMI out port and my monitor (Dell) has a DisplayPort connection. On Amazon I purchased a HDMI to DisplayPort Cable, one end is HDMI and the other is DisplayPort. Everything is connected properly, I tried to...
  19. A

    Looks like the screen is torn

    Sometimes when first turning on my computer for the day, I get a torn screen down the middle. This tear persist unless I restart my pc. My pc is only 3 weeks old and I have just started noticing this issue. I don’t know if it’s an issue with the monitor or my pc, but usually I can get by the...
  20. W

    Smallest Battery PC with Large Memory

    What is the smallest, battery powered Windows-comparable PC that can host 32GB of RAM & USB3 ports? I drive astro cameras (ZWO ASI183s using SharpCap for Windows) at 300+f/s, buffering full frames into RAM for subsequent storage: the more RAM the better. No real need for GPU, especially as such...