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  1. O

    ms and HZ

    I bought a new TV that has 8ms and 400HZ it is good ? The diffrence betweem 8ms and lower are noticeable ? *The TV is only for FIFA and PS4 use.
  2. C

    Is the software boot time different on SSD with or without Window OS?

    Hi, I'm planning on upgrade my computer storage with this set up: - 1TB Barracuda HDD + 32GB Intel Optane: for Window, datas and files - 500GB WD M.2 SSD: for software (Photoshop, Illustrator,..) I'm just wondering is the software boot time different when: - Window & software on the same SSD...
  3. C

    Is "totally-not . spyware . lol" malware?

    Hello everyone I recently updated my iPhone 6s to iOS 12 and it runs very smoothly. However, today someone told me about "totally-not . spyware . lol" as a website which jailbreaks your device in iOS 10. I knew it wouldn't work but anyway I tried it and it gave me an error about that it...
  4. H

    Ram specs question

    I have 2 sticks of ballistix sport ddr3 8gb ram and am trying to get a replacement mobo off of craigslist. I found one that fits everything I need but next to it’s ram slots it says ddr3 2800+. What does the 2800+ entail?
  5. A

    Transfer audio cassette to cd

    I need guidance on the following. I need to transfer about 200+ audio cassettes to CD's. I think it would be best if I bought a "one-step function" machine, say like an Audio Technica or Tascam for the job. I could use guidance on what's the best and fastest process for something like this. I...
  6. P

    What I.D.E you guys use to code?

    What I.D.E you guys yse to code? Also I would love to have some syntax hightlight (skin) if you guys have one/some.
  7. B

    foldder lock not locking

    i protected a folder with folder lock but now it wont lock anymore i beleieve after typing Y on the folder lock the folder should disappear
  8. H

    Is a small power supply worth it

    Hello there, I'm having a Pentium G2030 3.0 GHz with 4GB DDR3 RAM I'm using Foxin FPS 500S SMPS & Power SupplyLink here I'll buy a gtx 750 2gb soon. So my question is should i upgrade my power supply? If yes suggest me a cheap good smps, I'm using a H61MCS asus motherboard. Help me please (...
  9. T

    Asus F1A75-v+ G4560

    Is my Asus F1A75-V motherboard compatible with G4560?
  10. H

    Is 1050 ti good for vr?

    I have a 1050 ti and I would like to buy an htc vive. Would it be useable?
  11. R

    Resident Evil 7 4k screen tearing

    So i get obnoxious screen tearing usually during boss fights or intense sequences my system specs are I7 5930k (4.2 ghz) Gtx 1080 16GB RAM 3TB HDD Asus PB27Q monitor I've tried turning shadow cache off, switching to borderless window (however this creates lag), adaptive v-sync in NVIDIA...
  12. P

    Can I Run a RX560 on This CPU??

    So my CPU is an Intel Pentium Dual Core e5400 can this CPU run a 2gb RX560?
  13. K

    Is a stock cooler ok?

    Im having overheating problems with a motherboard I just got when gaming. Only game I played was CSGO and I want to play more demanding games;Motherboard: Msi 970a G43 plus (Mostly used for gaming) Case: Diypc ranger Cpu: FX-8350@ stock...
  14. H

    how good an over clock is 5ghz on air for the 8320-E cpu with a 970 aura board

    I have a 8320-e clocked at 5ghz 1.55v and don't know if it is possible to push it further with a better cooler. I have a be quiet pure rock slim cooler. 970 aura gaming mother board a gtx 1060 430 watt evga psu. I dont know board temps but the CPU sits at 20c idle and 70-80c under full load on...
  15. S

    windows crashes after running for about 30 minutes

    I have an Alienware Area 51 7500 running windows 10 and it runs for a little while then crashes. When it crashes it gives me an error code that says "MEMORY_MANAGEMENT." I don't know how to determine whether it is the RAM sticks or the mobo.
  16. CypherViperX

    Alienware Aurora R3

    I Have An Alienware This Is The Specs: (My Specifications On My Alienware Aurora R3) A.) Operating System Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1 B.) CPU Intel Core i7 920 @ 2.67GHz Bloomfield 45nm Technology C.) RAM 24.0GB Triple-Channel DDR3 @ 534MHz (7-7-7-20) D.) Motherboard Alienware 0H869M...
  17. M

    Green dots on screen

    Hey guys! I was playing some Civ VI today and my game was crashing when I used the steam overlay and sometimes in the middle of a game. The error message i recieved was that my display crashed. I reinstalled my drivers, turned off my computer, turned of the PSU and pulled out the power cable...
  18. M

    USB raid vs. hardrive (speed)

    Would 8 average 16gb flash drives be more efficient than a 1tb seagate hhd, as in one be faster or slower. My seagate hhd can pull about 3mb per second if im downloading things from online. I also wonder if this would cut back on boot time. Please get back to me soon. Thank you.
  19. L

    i forgot my admin password

    I forgot my admin password and my Acer laptop will not let me load any programs nor do a complete factory reset
  20. T

    MSI Killer Ethernet

    Hey I've been looking round for a little while and I can not find the Killer Ethernet driver for my motherboard. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get it so i can limit the amount of upload speed my youtube uses so i can still upload and play games unless there is a way of setting...
  21. S

    Does i3 bottleneck gtx 680

    I am planning to install gtx 680 into core i3 processor. Does the processor will bottleneck to the gpu?
  22. E

    gtx 1070, i7 6700

    Would my pc run fine and not be bottle necked with a i7-6700 and a gtx 1070?
  23. N

    How to utilize multiple computers for processing power?

    I have multiple computer systems, and I'd like to be able to use them for various processes. Is there anyway to link them for that? I can buy network cards and deal with linking them ethernet cables, but I don't want to spend a lot on a server switch.
  24. Ford_Nucleon

    Seeking ways to improve build

    I am about to build a new computer but before I buy any parts I want to see if there are any ways I can improve my build without changing the price. Any suggestions on how I should change my build would be appreciated. Parts list (prices in AUD): CPU: Intel i5 4690k - $359 Mobo: MSI gaming 5...
  25. W

    Custom Gaming Build

    Hi Recently my sorta shitty PC finally killed itself and I've been planning a new build. The specs so far are: CPU: Intel i5 6600k (Gonna OC) GPU: GIGABYTE GTX 970 Xtreme Motherboard: MSI H170 Gaming Pro Case: Cooler Master MasterBox 5 (mid tower) Ram: Corsair Vengeance LPX CMK16GX4M2A2400C16...
  26. E

    Intel vs amd cpu! Under 17k rupee (250$)

    Hey guys, First of all thx in advance! And secondly my question is kind of complicated (it isnt really). I m about to built a pc under 60k. I have decided all the specs except the CPU, i mean am confused between amd and intel. AMD gives alot of cores for low price but Intel gives just 4...
  27. T

    2GB+4GB RAM not working

    Greetings all. I am looking for a solution to my problem. My parents have an ACER ASPIRE X3900 Original Specs: 530 Intel Core i3 3 GB DDR3 (3X1GB sticks) 500GB 310 512mb nvidia Geforce This computer has been lying around unused (in working condition!) and I decided to upgrade the RAM for...
  28. R

    led vs psu

    if i buy a mobo with led and ram with led will the led use ur psu ? do u need a better psu in order to have led?
  29. V

    Suggest a laptop that can run Windows 7 & has drivers DVD for 7 too?

    Suggest a laptop that can run Windows 7 smoothly (32 bit preferred) and must have Drivers CD/DVD for Windows 7 too.
  30. GHolnyuk

    AMD FX-8800P or Intel Core i7-6500U?

    Comparing this laptop: with this one The Intel is Dual-Core but is faster at 2.5GHz, while the AMD is 2.1 GHz but a Quad-Core. Otherwise, all specs are the same...
  31. J

    Getting better GoPro footage using adapters?

    Thanks in advance to anyone that help's out, I've recently invested into a drone that carries my GoPro Hero 4 Black on a 3-axis gimbal. It works great, footage is lovely and smooth without shakeynous but I want to 'Brighten' up the colours a little bit and get rid of the horrible fish eye...
  32. Andrew_C1

    Do I need direct airflow for my RAM?

    I was just introduced to something called "Corsair Vengeance Airflow" which basically looks like a fan that fits on your motherboard to cool your ram. Do I need this? RAM I am planning on getting: 16gigs ( 2x8gigs ) Patriot 1600mhz Dual Channel DDR3 Viper 3 Memory - Black
  33. Y

    Old laptop CPU upgrade

    Hello, i have an old Sony Vaio VGN-A297xp PCG-8R1M. I would like to know what it is the max. CPU i can install? Now it is running on 1.8ghz. According to i think 2.1ghz.
  34. M

    Good Budget Subwoofer

    So I'm almost 16 and I've got an old 1994 ford ranger crew cab and I want to kinda spice it up with some subs or speakers or whatnot. I've never done anything like this before and am really new to all this. I'm trying to keep it as cheap as possible but because I'm new I don't even know what...
  35. P

    Computer Parts Suggestions

    EDIT: This was a duplicate post made by accident. Here's a link to the real one: I am completely new to computer building, so I would like some advice on the parts I am getting. I have a budget of ~ $1200, so I would...
  36. D

    SonicWALL TZ105w Dual WAN Failover AND Load balance

    Is there a way to set up a Dual WAN Failover AND Load Balance? We have a customer who wants to have his VOIP phones on one ISP and his internet on the other ISP. They both need to be live at the same time, but failover to each other if either goes down. Is this possible? I’m assuming that the...
  37. Wing0

    Scientific / philosophical forum?

    I'm looking for a forum to discuss the processes of the universe, the possibility of God, etc. One I left a long time ago was the science forum. I had to leave because of the biggots there, if you said something that someone else didn't agree with, you get hated on. I even got banned because I...
  38. J

    Trying to source a PC problem, RAM question

    So lately, some games I have been playing have been causing my PC to go into a complete shutdown and reboot, and I'm trying to figure out what may be going wrong. I currently have a GIGABYTE brand motherboard and 2 8GB 1600 DDR3 ram sticks. They are inserted into the two right-most ports on the...
  39. H

    Built gaming PC issuing 3 beeps previously 5 beeps

    Hi there, Built a gaming PC with specs as follows: Mobo: AsRock 970 Pro3 R20 AM3+ CPU: AMD FX-4300 quad core FX series RAM: corsair 8GB 1600MHz Graphics card: 2GB MSI Rad R7 260x 2GD5 Once I first put it together and installed windows 7 64-bit I updated the software which was near enough 200...
  40. LucoTF

    new hdd showing in device manager but not anything else

    As title. New WD green 2tb, regardless of whether connected internally via sata or externally via usb hard drive reader, will only show in device manager but not in - Disk management - Diskpart in command prompt - diskinternals linux reader - BIOS under drives Not sure what to do. Send it back?