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  1. V.O.

    [SOLVED] Help! I accidentally turned my 1TB external hard drive into a 2.85MB mass storage device! Can this be fixed?

    Hello there! I have a WD Elements 1TB external hard drive with lots of important files in it. I was watching a youtube video on how to download Linux mint to a USB and I had no idea it had to be an ordinary empty USB. So I used to do the whole procedure and after flashing I...
  2. M

    Question 256GB SD Card not dectected or mountable on Lubuntu 20.04

    So I installed Lubuntu 20.04 on my laptop to replace KXStudio 14.04 cause it was too buggy with LMMS. But after I installed the new OS my 256GB MicroSD Card doesn't seem to be fully detected by the OS. I tried putting a 64GB MicroSD card in my laptop & it worked perfectly. Also after I put my...
  3. E

    FX 6300 not running at stock speeds

    Hi everyone, I have a weird problem I cannot get my head around. So for quite a while I've had an fx 6300 processor which has a stock speed of 3,5 Ghz (turbo up to 4.1Ghz). However, recently I noticed that the processor was running at 2,4 Ghz even when performing resource-intensive tasks...