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    Question To run the latest triple A games with high settings and at 4K with decent FPS, what other GPU will I need alongside my current GPU, a gtx 1060 3gb?

    I'm trying to move into the 4K gaming scene, but am not sure if my current GPU will be good enough to run the latest triple A games at high settings with 4K and good fps. I currently have a GTX 1060 3GB and I wanted to know if that was good enough for this or, if not, what other GPU should I get...
  2. plast0000

    That SeaGate drive crawls while loading something

    okay then I have this budget laptop with a Seagate drive in it (model of the drive is ST500LT012-1DG142) it can start crawling and suffering whenever it's time to load something and utilization reaches 100%. (I'm on Windows 10 and mostly it's ntoskrnl.exe, Windows defender and COM Surrogate) I...