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  1. D

    Question CPU maxes out on everygame

    My CPU maxes out on every game i play Games: Overwatch PUBG Fortnite Apex legends PC: I5-7600k Overclocked to 4.6ghz GTX 1070 asus z270 motherboard 240GB SSD 1TB HDD 750W PSU 16gb DDR4 2133mhz Any Ideas?
  2. Z

    Question Why is CPU maxing out at 100% temporarily every time something is opened?

    Hi guys, I've been trying to help my friend fix her computer for the past week or so without any luck. For the past maybe 1.5 weeks or so, every time she opens something like chrome tabs, files, games anything really, her CPU spikes up to 100%. She can't run two things at once (listen to music...
  3. D

    D: not showing on new laptop with fresh installed windows 10

    I tried going into Disk management and enabling the disk from there but it doesn't let me change anything. Screenshot: The only options i get is to delete it...
  4. K

    2 Computers SAME Setup 2 Different Connections

    Hi There! Me and my partner are both gamers and have our PCS in the same room (second bedroom) and our router we connect to is in the master bedroom (literally like next door). I have noticed when he does a speedtest he gets close to 30 meg download but when I do a speedtest I get 10 meg...
  5. A

    Battlefield 1 Help

    Hello, I currently have a GTX 970 and an AMD FX6300 and 8 GB of ram. I can barely even play the game with everything on the lowest settings. I'm getting an i-7 6700k and 16 GB of ram will this help alot and make the game playable! :) EDIT: I downloaded driver updates for my graphics card and...
  6. R

    Crushing problems with gtx 1070 asus laptop

    Hi everyone, I have recently bought asus G752VS gaming laptop but I have crishing problem which seen as ''Display driver stopped responding and it succesfuly recovered.'' My all drivers (BIOS, Nvidia, Windows, Intel) updated. This problem only occur while I playing game ( every game). And my...
  7. H

    Soundbar won't work with receiver.

    I just purchased a new Samsung HW-K650 soundbar and can't seem to get audio out of it when using my pioneer receiver. My TV doesn't support ARC but I'm pretty sure using optical cable would work. Tv: Samsung LNT5271FX/XAA Receiver: Pioneer VSX-822 The connection: I have an optical cable going...
  8. A

    hi my friend have amd radon 7520g gpu.. he had 2gb of video memory.. but now he only have 512mb...

    when he had win 8 he remembered he had 2gb of video maemory. but when he changed to win 8.1 and played assassins creed unity it was laggy.. he checked his vedio memory and find out he only have 512mb of it... can you say me a way to fix it
  9. R

    Power Supply for GTX 970 in SLI

    Hi there, im planning to buy another asus 970 but will an hx750i platinum power supply be enough to power it? System ; i5 6600k OC to 4,5 H110i GTX Asus maximus viii hero asus strix gtx 970 OCZ Trion 100 ssd
  10. S

    ssd and hhd

    which ssd is better? 1- 2-...
  11. E

    Can my R7900 run in crossfire with ?

    Hello guys! I have a question about crossfire compatibility between my graphics card and processor: I have the AMD XFX R7900 Series graphics card and I just got the AMD A10-7850K with a Radeon R7 integraded GPU. I am wondering can I run these two in a crossfire? And if I can, how could I do it...
  12. D

    CPU at 130 Celsius but not shutting down?

    Hey guys, Ive checked multiple temperature programs including SpeedFan, Ive checked my BIOS aswell, and everything says my CPU is at 130 celsius. All of my games get framerate drops even with my brand new EVGA GTX 970 superclocked acx 2.0. The framerate drops always occur when Im in a open area...
  13. W

    Will my Graphics card work ???

    I am getting a GTX 970 and will get either a ASUS, GIGABYTE OR A MSI i have looked on the specs of all the cards and all require a 6 pin and 8 pin connector (pci e ?) from the psu. I have a Corsair GS600W psu linked: I am wondering if it will actually work with...
  14. borko3fkovix

    IS 30GB enough for Win7?

    Im asking mainly because im buying an SSD and i want to install my system to it and nothing else at all. I know that windows 7 tends to grow a bit but i always reinstall my OS's once a year, force of habit. I wouldn't want to buy too big one and be left with empty useless space. Thanks in advance
  15. X

    Why does Fraps/Action kill my Fps?

    I don't know why fraps kills my fps, and i tried buying action but it just doesn't work. Im trying to record minecraft and my fps jumps 80-40 and it really throws me off. But when I record with shadowplay i get 200+ I want to use fraps/action. Please help me, here are my specs...
  16. A

    GTX 750ti SC cannot output HD very clear compare to my old GT120

    HI I need help on my newly installed gtx750ti SC, It seems not outputting HD videos very clear on my Samsung syncmaster2233. this is on my newly build PC with MSI gaming3 MB i5 4690 gtx 750ti sc 8G corsair RAM corsair 750 PSU windows 8.1 on my old replaced PC with gt 120 graphics card this...
  17. J

    Every Time I Right Click on my Desktop Explorer Stops Working

    Every Time I Right Click on my Desktop Explorer restarts Ive Look up on many Sites and found that the context menu is what is causing the issue but ive downloaded Glary Utilities 5 , ContextEdit and shexview-x64 just to remove/Disable copypathext. no luck on finding it to disable if that is even...
  18. slimshady044

    almost everything is on the max usage and its lagging !! help ;") not solved yet :c

    guys i just build my new pc and it cost me 1800$ </3!!! my pc is lagging even chrome is lagging !! youtube also ! BF3 the frame"fps" was 90 and know its 30! garrys mod the frame "fps" was 250 now its 20! i dont know why! the pc me cost me alot and its like crap ! before i was having the same...
  19. I

    Enabling another Graphics card

    I was going to add another graphics card to my computer I have an AMD Radeon HD 7560D integrated graphics card, which does say you can have dual graphics here basically, I wanted to know if I got another...
  20. T

    Will this work with a m2n68-la (narra5)?

    was looking at buying a AMD FX-4130 Zambezi 3.8GHz Socket AM3+ Quad-Core Desktop Processor FD4130FRGUBOX just wondering if this will fit my motherboard?