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  1. borko3fkovix

    IS 30GB enough for Win7?

    Im asking mainly because im buying an SSD and i want to install my system to it and nothing else at all. I know that windows 7 tends to grow a bit but i always reinstall my OS's once a year, force of habit. I wouldn't want to buy too big one and be left with empty useless space. Thanks in advance
  2. X

    Why does Fraps/Action kill my Fps?

    I don't know why fraps kills my fps, and i tried buying action but it just doesn't work. Im trying to record minecraft and my fps jumps 80-40 and it really throws me off. But when I record with shadowplay i get 200+ I want to use fraps/action. Please help me, here are my specs...
  3. A

    GTX 750ti SC cannot output HD very clear compare to my old GT120

    HI I need help on my newly installed gtx750ti SC, It seems not outputting HD videos very clear on my Samsung syncmaster2233. this is on my newly build PC with MSI gaming3 MB i5 4690 gtx 750ti sc 8G corsair RAM corsair 750 PSU windows 8.1 on my old replaced PC with gt 120 graphics card this...
  4. J

    Every Time I Right Click on my Desktop Explorer Stops Working

    Every Time I Right Click on my Desktop Explorer restarts Ive Look up on many Sites and found that the context menu is what is causing the issue but ive downloaded Glary Utilities 5 , ContextEdit and shexview-x64 just to remove/Disable copypathext. no luck on finding it to disable if that is even...
  5. slimshady044

    almost everything is on the max usage and its lagging !! help ;") not solved yet :c

    guys i just build my new pc and it cost me 1800$ </3!!! my pc is lagging even chrome is lagging !! youtube also ! BF3 the frame"fps" was 90 and know its 30! garrys mod the frame "fps" was 250 now its 20! i dont know why! the pc me cost me alot and its like crap ! before i was having the same...
  6. I

    Enabling another Graphics card

    I was going to add another graphics card to my computer I have an AMD Radeon HD 7560D integrated graphics card, which does say you can have dual graphics here http://www.amd.com/us/products/technologies/dual-graphics/Pages/dual-graphics.aspx#3 basically, I wanted to know if I got another...
  7. T

    Will this work with a m2n68-la (narra5)?

    was looking at buying a AMD FX-4130 Zambezi 3.8GHz Socket AM3+ Quad-Core Desktop Processor FD4130FRGUBOX just wondering if this will fit my motherboard?